White label bingo is a business model that is best suited for those who want a quick entrance into the digital bingo market with a relatively cheap setup fee. With white labelling software, the bulk of the work is done for you, with most of the services provided taken care of by the supplier of the product, including the games, the bingo network, customer service, payments, license and so on.

If you’re looking to start an iGaming business that is less about customization and control and more about a fast launch at a low cost, keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from a white label bingo system.

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What is a White Label Bingo Platform and How Does it Work?

Online bingo is very popular around the world, particularly in the UK. An estimated 39% of the entire gambling industry in the nation is represented by online gambling, with the sector raking in £5.4 billion each year. The online bingo portion of this sector has done well, with over 28% of people in the UK between the ages of 25 and 34 partaking in online bingo games, and about 26% between the ages of 35 and 44 years enjoying it as well.

Naturally, being such a lucrative industry, this has resulted in the launching of a lot of white label sites as well as high competition among networks. In fact, there have been a few notable bingo network closures and network changes over the past handful of years.

For instance, there were once many white label Cozy bingo sites in 2017, but after Cozy Games was acquired by Entain PLC (formerly GVC Holdings) in that same year, over the next three years the majority of the cozy white labels were shutdown and the network changed, becoming primarily an in-house product.  Another example of a big bingo network change is Microgaming, which announced the closure of its network in 2020. 

In spite of significant changes and closures, not to worry! White label bingo platforms are still very much available and are among the easiest to operate. The reason is that a dedicated bingo room essentially requires three components to function:

  • Bingo games
  • A bingo network
  • A community of players from other sites in the network to compete against one another

A white label takes care of the first two components as well as a license, payments, security, front-end, back-end, and customer support. Your job is essentially to acquire and retain customers using the valuable CRM features and marketing tools provided.

What to Expect From a White Label Bingo Software Package

Although you should not expect all white label electronic bingo systems to be the same, the following is an overall rundown of what is commonly provided to the buyer:

Bingo game software

You will receive all the computer bingo software that you need, including both the games and the network. Reputable providers will supply you with in-house or third-party licensed real money game software with a certified fair RNG (Random Number Generator). Common types of bingo games include:

  • 75-Ball Bingo
  • 90-Ball Bingo
  • 80-Ball Bingo
  • 30-Ball Bingo
  • Free Bingo Games
  • Other variants including those with jackpots 

What’s more, it is common for other white label games to be offered in addition to bingo, such as online slots, Keno and Slingo, as well as popular casino table games and a live casino.

Bingo network

A bingo network is what separates stand-alone bingo games that can be found at an online casino, from an actual bingo-focused site with dedicated social (chat) bingo rooms. For instance, Dragonfish’s bingo network has over 140 partner brands. The players you draw into your site to play your games will play against other bingo players from these partner sites on the same network. What should you expect from a great network: 

  • A variety of themed bingo rooms
  • Chatroom
  • Experienced chat hosts and moderators


You will be provided with white label licensing. In other words, you do not need to go through the complex application process to obtain the bingo license you need to operate a legitimate business. The supplier delivers a fully compliant platform. You operate under their license. Examples of possible licenses include:

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)
Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)
Curacao eGaming

Payment processing

Your online bingo business will be supplied with a traditional gaming payment processing system that should include a variety of payment types. Examples of what may be include are:

  • Popular payment methods – eWallets, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, etc.
  • Local payment methods – Popular payment methods in a specific country, including those available only within that country
  • Other types of payments – Mobile wallets and cryptocurrenices (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.)
  • Multiple currency deposit options

Front-end system

A white label product also includes the front-end, the part of your website that your customers see and interact with. High-quality front-ends include:

  • Standard templates or those that are customizable
  • No download application
  • User-friendly interface with smooth navigation
  • Fast load times, regardless of the platform
  • Omni-channel – Available via desktop and mobile browser as well as native apps (iOS and Android)
  • Support for multiple languages – Localization

Back-office tools

You are provided with a back office with reporting tools that help to keep track of player behaviours and allows you to manage a secure business operation with ease. A back-end system may include:

  • Support services
  • Chat hosting services
  • Advanced financial risk management services
  • Risk management tools
  • Security and anti-fraud software
  • Real-time reports
  • Management and recording of statistics

Customer Support

You will be provided with reliable support. This may include:

  • 24/7 technical support to help ensure your business is operating at its best all the time
  • Customer support for your players
  • Multilingual – Support in different languages
  • Support for VIPs

Marketing & CRM

It may be your job to acquire customers and keep them returning by implementing smart marketing strategies for bingo players, but the white label supplier will likely help with network campaigns as well as providing you with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing tools. These may include:

  • Bonus system integration (e.g. deposit bonus, refer a friend bonus, loyalty bonus, loyalty points, etc.)
  • Jackpots and prize pools
  • Affiliate program
  • Player segmentation

White label bingo helps your business to keep-up!

While bingo is such a lucrative industry, white label bingo platforms are very much available and are among the easiest to operate. You can have a bingo site up and running within a matter of months or less.

How Much Does It Cost to Start?

If your goal is to run a bingo-only website, the cost of a white label bingo solution can be as low as £10,000. However, if you intend to add a casino games suite or other products, this price will increase. That said, it is still typically cheaper to start a white label bingo brand compared to a white label casino or sportsbook.

It is important to remember that the setup fee is only one of the costs that you need to consider. There will be other costs associated with your business. These may include a bingo network fee, taxes, annual fee for the platform, marketing costs, etc. For a full list of business costs, be sure to contact the white label provider directly to request an official quote and obtain the information you need. Additionally, we highly recommend asking the company for a free demo to get an idea of what you will be receiving.

*Note: The above price is meant only as an example and should not be regarded as fact. To find out exactly how much white label bingo software will cost, contact the company with whom you intend to do business, directly.

White Label Bingo Platform Pros & Cons

It doesn’t matter if you choose a white label, turnkey or a self-service (API) solution, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with each business model. In terms of a white label electronic bingo game system, these include:

White Label Bingo Pros

  • Quick launch – You can have a bingo site up and running within a matter of months or less. 
  • Cheap setup cost – No other iGaming software solution you can purchase is cheaper than white label. 
  • Payments included – Payment processing is integrated into the platform, no need to setup a merchant account. 
  • License included – You operate under the supplier’s license. There is no need to spend lots of money or time applying for your own license. 
  • Security and support – You are provided with a fully secure platform with the necessary support. No need to hire a huge staff.

White Label Bingo Cons

  • Customization is limited – You may be able to customize a few minor components of your business (e.g. theme, colour scheme, etc.), but overall, you are stuck with whatever the supplier provides.
  • You are not fully in charge – The platform provider calls the shots in terms of the license, payments, front-end, back-end, and all other services they provide. Essentially, you’re renting their products and services and follow their rules regarding operation.
  • The supplier shares in the profits – The platform provider will take a share of your business’ profits.











Is White Label Bingo Right for You – Tips to Keep in Mind

Part of exploring your white label bingo software options is determining if this is the right solution for you. Consider the following:

  • There is not an abundance of choice – Unlike white label casinos and sportsbooks, there are fewer platforms out there offering white label bingo-only products. If you find your choices are too limited for your ideas and goals, consider expanding your options and look into companies that offer turnkey bingo solutions as well.
  • You don’t call the shots – As with any white label sites, although you run the operation and are in charge of acquiring and retaining customers, most other aspects of your business are controlled by the supplier and you are expected to run your bingo site in accordance with their rules.
  • You will need to share some of the profits – The convince of a ready-to-go system does come at the cost of having to share a percentage of the profits with the supplier. This may be a cut as low as 10% but is often higher.
  • You need to be competitive – You won’t be the only bingo site out there. Keep in mind that you will need to compete with brands both outside and inside your network. Clever marketing strategies will be key to get the most out of player lifetime value and help your business to survive and excel.
  • Not all companies are created equally – Not every company that offers a white label is reputable. Make sure its real money products are licensed and it works with reputable third-party partners. Reading Casinnovate reviews can help, as we only review and recommend trustworthy and legitimate software platforms.

Find the Ideal White Label Bingo Solution

It is possible to find the right white label bingo platform if this is the type of business you would like to operate. As we mentioned previously, there are both advantages and drawbacks to this type of solution, as there are with any online gambling start up solution, turnkey or otherwise. Only you can decide what is the right call for your iGaming business endeavours, so analyze all your options and choose wisely.

Casinnovate can help you get in touch with the top white label software providers in the industry. Check out our reviews to learn more about the best brands!