Attracting new players to your casino is important, but only half the battle. The second major challenge is to retain the customers you draw to your site. Of course, retaining players is easier said than done and that’s where casino CRM solution services come into play.

Employing the right CRM strategy will help you to build brand loyalty, especially among customers who play often and the big spenders who contribute huge amounts of revenue to your operation. Curious to learn more? Casinnovate has the essential scoop on casino CRM systems here.

Casino software developers offering the best CRM solutions

What is a Casino CRM solution?

CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is a software that enables businesses to manage the contact that they have with their customers. This software is designed to provide companies with an abundance of information about each customer’s preferences. By knowing these preferences, companies can integrate this information with marketing promotions to better appeal to customers and keep them returning and spending, which leads to higher profit for the business.

As for casino customer relationship management, specifically, CRM systems help to improve marketing efficiency and other business operations via the collection of highly detailed user data. In fact, studies have shown that when CRM is used effectively it helps to retain customers and increases customer satisfaction level. 

More to the point online casino CRM solutions allow operators to:

  • Understand customer behavior
  • Acquire and retain customers with greater efficiency
  • Manage the preferences of customers
  • Track customers’ expenditures
  • Streamline marketing and deliver tailored offers that lead to value for each customer
  • Provide better customer service
  • Cross-sell more effectively
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with greater accuracy

How Does Casino CRM Software Work?

Since online casino operators want to know as much as they can about their regular customers, especially their high rollers, a casino CRM system is responsible for tracking and maintaining a high level of customer data.

This system also represents a major part of a casino’s overall risk management activities. It can also be tasked to track the patterns and playing behaviors of individual customers including tracking the range of their bets and their win/loss ratios.

The data that is collected can be harvested and utilized in a number of different ways. CRM platforms can take information from casino marketing campaigns and loyalty schemes as well as from socio-economic sources. Even credit cards can be used to compare clients across various data sources.

Types of data Collected by CRM software

This type of system can collect a variety of data that can help you better understand your players and improve your business operations.

For instance, some of the data collected can include:

  • How often players visit the casino site
  • What games they choose to play
  • The amount of time they spend playing games
  • The amount they deposit and how frequently they deposit
  • A player’s average bet, average win and average loss

With this information, you can tailor rewards to the player and create other personalized offers. Additionally, this data can help to predict future player behaviour. By being able to treat players like individuals, companies can better target their regular players and high rollers, enhancing player experience.

CRM allows casino operators to take a marketing approach that is focused around the individual customer instead of trying to appeal to a larger group. It enables you to break your user base into smaller sections so that you can improve your targeted marketing efforts. The more targeted your marketing can be the more personalized your can make your reward systems and program. When a player feels that you are catering to their preferences this gives them a reason to remain loyal to your casino, which, in turn, boosts their lifetime value for your casino.

Beyond collecting player data, casino CRM solutions are also valuable to the overall operation of your business. For instance, this software can:

  • Keep track of new leads
  • Store the contact information of existing customers
  • Analyze data and identify certain customer groups with high potential
  • Provide marketing and sales teams with task management support
  • Enhance productivity
  • Help keep client communications organized

Casino CRM software makes it possible for data to be shared with different departments (e.g. marketing, sales, account management, etc.) so that they can best align their goals and strategies. When all the different departments can work cohesively, an online casino business can function with maximum efficiency.

How to Find a Good Casino CRM Software Solution?

CRM systems are not unique to the iGaming industry and a simple online search for CRM solutions will provide you with results of many companies offering this service. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that all CRM software is created equal. The type of system that might benefit a retail business, for example, might not be the best one to benefit your casino business.

Ultimately, when it come to casino CRM, it is in your best interest to choose a solution that is offered by a company that has experience with customer relationship management in the online gambling industry.

Where can you find these companies? You can start by checking out Casinnovate reviews. The majority of the casino software providers we review offer CRM as part of their white label casino solutions or as an available option to those seeking a turnkey casino site software.

What benefits should the solution provide?

The following is an example of the types of benefits a good casino CRM system offers:

  • Multichannel operation – CRM strategies should include diverse platforms to reach all players, including desktop, mobile, etc.
  • Personalized marketing strategies – A fully segmented approach should be used that covers everything form markets to VIP levels, bonuses, games played, deposit amounts, etc.
  • Multichannel communication for campaigns and targeted offers – Interactions with players should occur through diverse channels to broaden reach, such as Email, SMS, web or push notifications.
  • VIP management – Keep your high rollers happy and they’ll keep you happy. VIP players need to be treated like valued players through personalized experiences, country-specific VIP managers, etc.
  • Enhanced retention strategy – A retention strategy needs to be fully optimized and segmented to deliver the right offers to the right players. Flexible bonus systems can often achieve this goal.

In essence, the casino CRM solution should do everything to increase your conversion and retention rates so that you remain at the top of the industry.

Casino CRM Solution Costs

The cost of casino CRM solutions vary in range. Depending on the type of online casino business solution you choose (e.g. white label or turnkey), it may be included with the package or it might be something that you purchase separately.

As a general idea for pricing, a CRM solution may be less than or slightly more than $50 per user per month or it could be $200 dollars per month or higher. Usually, the more advanced the system, the more it costs.

That said, the best way to find out the fees that may be associated with this solution is to ask the company who will be providing the software to you.

Casino CRM Solution Tips

As you consider your CRM options, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Experience matters – Be sure to choose a company that has experience with the online gambling world, casino marketing and that knows the best strategies for targeting players, so that you can drive up conversion rates and retain a loyal customer base.
  • Find out what is included – Make sure you find out what is part of the CRM software. Not all solutions are created equal.
  • 24/7 operation is a must – The software should function around the clock, day and night, without downtime. Customers can play at any time, so maintenance downtime and manual backups of customer data are not options.
  • Security is key – Find out what security is used to protect the data that is being collected about customers. You don’t want this sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. This could devastate your business.
  • Multichannel and Multiplatform – The CRM should target players on multiple platforms as well as reach players on multiple communication channels.

Casino CRM Solution – Final Thoughts

CRM systems are an essential aspect of online casino management. It enables operators to streamline operations and get the most out of a player’s lifetime value. This software provides a business with vital information about customer behaviour and preferences for casinos. It gives companies the ability to gather vast amounts of data about each customer and use it in ways that will best serve both the customers and the business.

Choosing the ideal casino CRM solution for your operation will give you the edge you need to be a true competitor in the iGaming industry and help you find the success that will see your online casino thrive for the long-term. The best place to start looking for the ideal solution is our reviews. Start your search today!