If you want the freedom to customize your online casino business, but would also like to enjoy the convenience of a ready-for-service platform, a turnkey solution could be an option you might consider. Casinnovate, as your iGaming  software hub, provides you with all the information you need to know about the industry and the B2B online casino market. Also in this case, we will give you comprehensive information about turnkey casino software solutions, including how they work, how they compare to other solutions, the advantages and disadvantages of this type of software.

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What is a Turnkey Casino Solution?

TCS - What is a turnkey casino solution

A turnkey casino solution is a readymade and fully customizable online casino platform. This solution is created by professional iGaming developers who are experienced in the industry and is sold as a ready-for-service website, which can be adapted to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs who want to be a part of the iGaming industry.

Although a turnkey platform is a ready-made product, it shouldn’t be confused with a white label casino solution, which is a pre-licensed, pre-created and ready-to-launch product. Essentially a white label is like operating a franchise business.

Instead, turnkey is an adaptable platform ready for you to design with products and services available at your fingertips. You choose what you would like added and you are also responsible for obtaining the license you need to legally run an online casino business. 

We will talk in detail about these two types of solutions later, being a part of our effort to provide you with comprehensive information about casino software providers and everything related to iGaming. 

But let’s start with a more detailed guide about how turnkey online software solutions work.

How Does the Turnkey Casino Platform Work?

TCS - How turnkey casino platforms work

A turnkey casino is one that is self-owned, multifunctional and provides you with a wide range of customization opportunities. In the most basic sense, this readymade solution delivers a website with a set of customized features (e.g. games, payments, etc.) design layout, platform with user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

More to the point, typically the best providers in the industry will offer the following with their turnkey solutions:

  • Software development – The turnkey solution provider will supply you with functional software. This software is what allows for the management of all necessary functions, such as content, finances, cyber security, etc.
  • Website design – Obtain a website with user-friendly controls, that is multilingual and that has a customizable front end to allow for extra functionality and gamification.
  • Hosting services – Your casino website needs to be hosted on a server. In many cases, the provider will offer you different web hosting service options. 
  • Casino game content – The best iGaming software solution companies have partnered with many of the industry’s top-tier casino game providers (e.g. NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, etc.), with several of these businesses offering thousands of games ranging from slots, table games, live casino entertainment and beyond. The greater the selection of providers and games, the easier it will be for you to choose the relevant games that are most likely to appeal to your target casino audience as it is not uncommon for different regions to follow distinct trends.
  • Payment processing system – The developers of turnkey online casino platforms connect you with the most secure and popular payment systems used in the iGaming business world, including credit cards, eWallets, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency and more. They can also make sure that all contracts are signed directly with the payment system providers you choose and can help to quickly resolve any banking-related issues. They may also assist in opening accounts with major banks and provide multicurrency options.
  • Technical support – You may have the necessary knowledge to operate an online casino or you might not. While most providers will do what they can to deliver on your preferences and desires, if you should struggle to make decisions or manage problems that may arise, the company may offer their expertise and provide you with any advice you might need.
  • Marketing assistance – Marketing is integral to the success of your business. However, not all providers will offer marketing services or support. That said, certain companies may provide you with marketing help and tools like CRM, bonus systems, affiliate marketing, etc.
  • Support for obtaining a license – You need a license to operate a legal online casino. Although you will not be able to use the company’s license as you can with white label solutions, many turnkey providers do offer assistance with the licensing process, including the application process and obtaining all the necessary documents for the realization of legal gaming activity.

Turnkey solution is ready-made and customizable.

In spite of what products or services may or may not be offered, with a turnkey solution, the provider takes care of all the development work, while entrepreneurs focus on the marketing of their brand. Despite this, turnkey software providers require you to have a hands-on approach – especially during the startup phase.

Who Should Use a Turnkey Casino Platform?

A turnkey solution may be right for you if you:

  • Are an entrepreneur with a lot of capital
  • Are keen to own and operate a casino business
  • Have some experience with the iGaming industry
  • Have a casino license or intend to obtain one on your own
  • Want to target a specific jurisdiction or region
  • Do not want to go through the hassle of building a casino from scratch
  • Want to speed up the launch process by allowing a provider to take care of the development process for you

How Much Does It Cost to Start?

TCS - How much does it cost to start a new casino using turnkey solutions

The cost of a turnkey online casino software varies widely, so much so that it is difficult to even provide you with a general pricing estimation as statistical price lists in the market do not exist. That said, it’s not unreasonable to expect costs to be in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars or higher. 

Aside from having to buy a license, the price of a turnkey solution depends on many factors, such as:

  • Hosting services
  • The complexity of the website design
  • The number of games you intend to offer
  • The amount of payment systems you wish to add
  • Technical support
  • Marketing assistance and CRM integrations

These are only a small portion of the products and services that can affect costs. As such, the best way to obtain a quote on the turnkey solution that interests you is to contact us directly with your queries.

Turnkey solutions vs. White label solutions

Turnkey casino software represents one of the most popular solutions among those entrepreneurs who want to enter the iGaming industry without facing all the challenges involved in starting an online casino from scratch. 

The other popular alternative is represented by white label solutions. It can be hard to correctly spot the similarities and differences between these two products, offered by experienced B2B casino service providers. 

To better understand turnkey and white label solutions, and help you decide which one better fits your needs and goals, let’s compare these two types of platforms. 

Table : Comparing turnkey and white label solutions

Casinnovate Table – Comparing turnkey and white label solutions
DESCRIPTIONTurnkey offers more control over various aspects of the casinoWhite labeling offers a quicker route to market with a pre-configured platform
FEATURESWith turnkey solutions you get a customizable platform that aligns with bran identity and target audienceWith white labeling you get:

  • Extensive game library
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Customer support
BENEFITSTurnkey solutions give:

  • Greater control over platform
  • It’s tailored to specific brand needs
White labeling involves:

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Faster market entry
  • Minimal operational hassles
DRAWBACKSTurnkey solutions require:

  • Higher upfront costs
  • Longer time-to-market
White labeling might not offer extensive customization
IDEAL FORTurnkey casino solutions are ideal for entrepreneurs desiring more control, even with more time and resource investmentWhite labels are ideal for entrepreneurs seeking quick, cost-effective entry with minimal hassles

Turnkey Software for Online Casinos – A Practical Example

To better understand how a turnkey software for online casinos works, and the difference between turnkey and white label solutions for online casinos, we simulated a conversation between the entrepreneur – you – and the software provider to set up a brand-new casino platform:

TCS - How turnkey casino solutions work - A practical example

Turnkey Casino Software Solutions: Pros & Cons

As we said, turnkey is one of the solutions you might want to consider to start a new casino business, but you should keep in mind that it carries both advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s have a look at both pros and cons to help you further determine if this is the type of platform you’d like to invest in.

Turnkey Advantages
Turnkey Advantages and Disadvantages
Turnkey Disadvantages

Unlimited customization

When choosing the turnkey alternative, the entrepreneur takes part in all stages of development and chooses from a number of products and services to create and design a high-quality original brand.

High Cost

Designing, owning and operating a legal casino with a turnkey software provider is costly.

Get assistance with licensing

This platform is ideal if you already have a license. Even if you don’t, many turnkey platform providers offer support and assistance to help you through the complex licensing process.

You need to obtain a license yourself

Even with support, applying for a gambling license can be a long and tedious process. Most licenses are also expensive and you are responsible for making sure you continuously keep up with the latest regulation changes.

Faster than starting from scratch

By letting the provider take care of all the initial development work, this speeds up the entire creation process. It also means that you’re letting skilled industry professionals help you to solve issues so that you can best manage your operation.

Much slower than a white label launch

Launching a new casino with turnkey online casino software may be quicker than having to take care of all initial development processes yourself, but it is still months slower to launch compared to a white label casino.

Create your own unique design

You can create a casino to suit your business goals and desires, including obtaining the necessary content to target a specific market of your choosing.

You Make the Decisions

While you have full power to make all the decisions, you need to make sure you know what you’re doing. There is no ready-to-go default system in place. Any service or support you purchase and employ, you choose.

Own your casino business

You will own 100% of your casino. The profits you make are yours – and this is one of the main differences between white label and turnkey solutions.

High Competition

Many casinos launch and many casinos fail. It is essential for you to create a brand that is unique and tailored to be customer focused. This takes more than offering the best content to your target market, but also employing an effective marketing strategy that is both personal and engaging.











Are Turnkey Software Solutions Right for You? – Tips to Keep in Mind

If you opt for a turnkey online casino software, it’s pivotal to approach this decision with a clear perspective – you should consider both the potential of this solution and its pitfalls. These are the essential points you should keep in mind: 

  • It is expensive– You need to be ready to invest a lot of money into this business. Unlike a white label solution, you own your casino. You pay for everything you choose to add to it and that you might need (e.g. hosting, web design, games, payments, marketing, technical support, etc.)
  • Marketing isn’t always offered – While several turnkey online casino solution providers offer a number of services, products and tools that they will contract out to you, marketing isn’t always one of them. Never assume that a company can provide you with everything that you need. Find out what is and what is not available to you.
  • You need a license – If you don’t already own the necessary license you need to legally operate a gambling business, you will need to acquire one. Obtaining a license can be a lengthy and complex process and doesn’t come cheap. Furthermore, remember that you might need more than one license to target more than one jurisdiction.
  • Don’t expect a fast launch – Even when you hire professionals to take care of the development work for you, designing your own unique casino takes time. You cannot rush it. All the necessary components must be included before you can launch, and it’s up to you to choose each one. It can take several months to a full year before your casino is up and running.
  • Make sure to evaluate different options – Although the very best developers of these solutions will offer an extensive selection of products, services and tools, keep in mind that what one company offers will not be the same as the next. This is one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to explore your options before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

If you want to start a new online casino business, turnkey online casino software providers offer a foundation to build upon. While they streamline the technical aspects of setting up a casino, they also empower you with the tools to customize and brand your platform. 

With turnkey, you collaborate with industry experts to shape a high-quality brand, but it’s essential to be actively involved in the process and keep costs in mind.
In any case, every business needs a plan: if you want to start a new online casino, use our free roadmap to make your journey without any unpleasant surprises.

What is a turnkey casino solution and how does it differ from a white label solution?

A turnkey casino solution is a fully customizable online casino platform designed by professional iGaming providers. This type of platform is sold as a ready-for-service website that can be tailored to the specific needs of entrepreneurs entering the industry.

What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of turnkey casino solutions?

Turnkey casino solutions carry both advantages and disadvantages. Among the pros Casinnovate lists unlimited customization, assistance with licensing, faster setup than starting from scratch, unique design possibilities, and full ownership of the casino business. Among the cons: costs can be high, obtaining a license can be a lengthy process, the launch might be slower compared to white label solutions, entrepreneurs have to make all decisions, and there’s high competition in the market.

What essential factors should I consider if I opt for a turnkey casino solution?

When considering a turnkey solution, it’s crucial to be aware of the associated costs, as it can be a significant investment. Marketing services might not always be included, so ensure you have a strategy in place. You’ll need to obtain a license to operate legally, which can be a complex process. The launch might not be as quick as other solutions, so patience is required. Lastly, it’s essential to evaluate different turnkey providers, as offerings can vary between companies.