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Casino bots, betting bots, or gambling bots are highly controversial software that some players love but that most online gambling operators detest. Though not technically illegal to use – depending on the type of bot and its function – when used as a tool for real money gambling, it is unethical when playing against other human opponents and often prohibited by most iGaming companies. Here, we’ll provide you with information about online casino bots including:

  • A more detailed definition of what these bots are
  • Why players use them
  • The different types that are used by players
  • Why iGaming operators typically prohibit their use
  • Software designed to detect the use of bots
  • iGaming software providers who can provide you with security tools

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What are Gambling Bots?

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A bot is short for the word “Robot”. Not to be confused with a Telegram casino chatbot, which is a bot used by operators, a casino bot is software that interacts with an online casino’s API (Application Programming Interface). It is used by players to place bets without human input and to speed up the process of placing bets.

Developed with innovative software, bots are programmed to use neural networks, which allows them to simulate human-like action as well as learn with every game they play. Bots calculate and place bets on a player’s behalf at a casino site. These bets are based on a betting strategy or a specific system.

In essence, a bot is designed to simplify a player’s gaming session. Bots can be programmed to do a player’s betting for them while they are actively playing at the casino, as they go about their daily business, or even while they’re sleeping.

The main purpose of gambling bots is to:

  • Automate the gambling process
  • Play multiple games at once (even at multiple website)
  • Provide an edge over other players
  • Provide an extra level of thrill to the gaming experience
  • Improve playing strategy
  • Potentially increase their chances of winning

Different Types of Gambling Bots

Online casino bots are frequently used in poker games and sports betting, but can also be used for other gaming activities, including other card games, like blackjack, as well as roulette, craps, and slots.

Gambling Bots and Poker

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Gambling bots are often present in online poker rooms. They can increase the bot user’s chance of winning, either through the application of a more rational approach or by allowing the user to play multiple hands at one time. Not to mention, the bot can play for hours at a time (or 24/7 if the player wants), making money over the long run.

Online poker bots are largely frowned upon by the majority of poker players. They are considered to be unethical due to the fact that, unlike a human, a bot never tires of playing, never misplays a hand, and never succumbs to tilt. Moreover, for poker enthusiasts, there is more to the game than simply winning money. Poker purists believe that the game is about continually improving one’s skill. Using a bot replaces the intuitive decisions made by a player.

Are online poker bots illegal?
For the most part, yes. Many gambling regulators have banned the use of these programs in casinos and poker rooms. Moreover, the terms and conditions of most online poker rooms and casino sites plainly state within their terms and conditions (T&Cs) that the use of bots is prohibited. Players who are caught using bots face account closure, and may be subject to other penalties for breaching the operator’s terms.

Are poker bots a scam for players?
Yes and no. While the use of bots can put weaker players at a disadvantage, the bot does need to be set up correctly and without mistakes for it to work efficiently. Furthermore, masters of the game can often defeat bots quite easily and can also detect when they are playing against a bot based on certain patterns of play. The most telling sign for players is that the bot pauses for the same amount of time for each decision it makes as it must analyze the game and formulate the best decision based on its programming. A real human player does not take the same precise amount of time for every decision they make.

That being said, technological advancements in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, quantum technology, and blockchain will lead to the advancement of bots, which could make them harder to spot and harder to beat.

Gambling Bots and other casino games

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Although most commonly associated with poker, bots can be used for other online casino games as well, including roulette, blackjack, craps, and even slots. That being said, bots are not as commonly used for these games as they are for poker.

When used for real money games like roulette, slots, etc. casino bots are generally considered to be a beneficial and time-saving tool that can also help a player improve their strategies. For instance, when using a slot bot, a player sets their betting preferences and their preferred budget limit, and the bot takes care of everything else, spinning the reels of slots for the player, regardless if the player is present or not.

Are casino bots illegal?
Usually, yes. Online gambling operators do not approve of the use of third-party software that they have not authorized on their site. Players caught using a bot are often kicked off the site and their account is closed.

Are casino bots a scam for players?
No. The use of these bots is not viewed as unethical by other players in the same way as bots used for skill-based games played against human opponents, such as in poker rooms. The simple reason is that with traditional RNG-based slots and casino games, the player’s opponent is a computer and not another human player. Moreover, a bot program cannot help a player beat a slot game or improve the RTP percentage.

Betting Bots

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Betting bots are well liked among sports bettors and traders. The reason is that they automate betting for players, placing required bets instantly and automatically, before moving on to look for the next opportunity.

These bots complete tasks that are often repetitive, without requiring much human input. Betting bots are designed to take action if certain criteria are met based on its program and take actions far faster than a human can react. For instance, a bot designed to continuously scan odds based on certain criteria, will be triggered to act instantly and automatically to execute a command if an odd on a certain team is higher than expected. Well designed betting bots have the potential to make profitable sports betting predictions.

There are three main types of bots commonly used in the betting industry:

  • Scalper bots – An automated software designed to get into a betting market and then getting out of that market in a short time. Essentially, those who use this bot tend to take advantage of price differences that generate a small amount of profit, which becomes advantageous over the long term.
  • Scraper bots – Web scraping is an automated technique designed to extract (scrape) various types of information from sites, such as betting odds and other info. The objective is to gain valuable data from an operator’s site.
  • Arbitrage bots – This type of betting bot software takes advantage of unbalanced odds across bookies and betting exchanges, guaranteeing profit on specific bets regardless of the outcome.

Are betting bots illegal?
For the most part, yes. Just like online casinos and poker rooms, sportsbook operators prohibit the use of rogue bots on their website. If a player is caught using an unauthorized bot, they will be found in breach of the terms and conditions and their account will be closed. They may also face legal action, depending on the offence.

Are betting bots a scam for players?
No. These bots automate betting for players and can execute a profitable betting strategy without the player having to manually make selections and bets themselves. They can save time, sometimes gives bettors a leg up over the bookie, and gives them more freedom to place bets across multiple markets and sportsbooks whether they want to kick back and watch the action unfold or not.

That being said, certain betting bots, such as scraper and arbitrage bots do scam gambling operators and are considered to be a form of online gambling fraud.

Discord Gambling Bots

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Discord is a free VoIP and instant messaging digital distribution platform. It allows its users to talk over voice, video, and text, and to create communities. Discord is particularly popular among video game players, and it is also well known for its bots, including gambling bots.

Discord bots are AI-driven tools that automate repetitive tasks on a Discord user’s server. They are designed to make it easier for users to build communities, moderate their server, welcome new members, and even ban people disrupting the environment or breaking the rules.

Discord gambling bots are bots that allow users to play many types of casino games with their friends while they chat. With most of these bots, users cannot gamble or win real money. They are typically (though not always) free to play games hosted on a server that people can play for free. Typically, virtual currency is used, however some bots implement cryptocurrency.

Although Discord gambling bots are popular, they are not used outside of Discord and – unlike other casino bots mentioned – have no direct impact on standard iGaming operations. Their function is more akin to a Telegram casino.

Why do Players Use Casino Bots?

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Legal or not, what do online casino bots do for players to make them worth the risk to use them? The following are the main benefits and drawbacks of using this automated software technology.

Advantages of using gambling bots

  • Gambling bots make betting easier – Bots do not require maintenance and they never get tired. They can be programmed to do what a user requests them to do and will continue to work without assistance for as long as a player desires. Essentially, they can be turned on and forgotten about, running constantly in the background to make the player money.
  • Advanced bots can study and learn about their opponents – Bots created from advanced software, such as software that uses artificial intelligence and other smart technology, can learn about their opponents and act like professional gamblers, making them harder to beat and more difficult to spot.
  • They can perform various calculations and make smart conclusions within seconds – Betting bots can calculate each and every move and predict outcomes of the same moves at multiple times. They are designed to perform numerous calculations and make event-based favorable decisions in as little as a few seconds, without human error.
  • Multiple bots can be used at once – Players can use more than one bot to play at different websites at the same time. This improves the average amount of money that can be won daily.

Disadvantages of using gambling bots

  • Bots need to be well designed – Not all bots are created equal. Players must either build the bots themselves or must obtain the software from other sources for a fee. Unless a player knows how to effectively program a bot or knows that the bot they have procured is high quality software, there is no guarantee that what they use will work as stealthily or effectively as they desire.
  • More than one bot is needed for multiple sites – There is no one gambling bot that fits all iGaming sites. Just as a player must create a separate account for each site where they choose to gamble, in most cases, each site a player wants to target requires its own bot because the bot must be designed to interact with a site’s specific API.
  • Using bots can get players into trouble – If a player’s bot is discovered by a gambling site that prohibits its use, users can be penalized for violating the terms and conditions of the site. This may include account closure, having their winning funds confiscated, and potentially other legal action.

iGaming Operators and the Trouble with Bots

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To ensure your gambling operation is secure and protected from the use of bots and bot attacks, it is important that you have the proper security protocols in place.

The use of some bots by players, such as casino bots for slots, may not be a huge concern to your gambling operation. That said, bots used in poker rooms is a breach of fair game policy and makes for unhappy, authentic players, who may choose to take their business elsewhere. More importantly, the use of scraper and arbitrage bots is a serious threat to your business because they cost you money.

In fact, according to server-side bot management solution specialist Netacea, every year, it is estimated that arbitrage attacks alone cost the betting industry a minimum of £12 million (though some experts say the number could actually be as high as £100 million).

Software Security is a Must

Protecting your business from bot threats as well as other fraudulent activities becomes increasingly important each year as technology continues to improve. We recommend the following iGaming software providers who can help you make sure your site is properly safeguarded and running the best firewall protection.


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Casino Bots – Conclusion

As the popularity of online gambling grows, so does the range of gambling bots available. Each year the development of these tools increase, both to the benefit and determent of online gambling operators.

Today – and in the future – more online casinos are working on integrating message bots (Telegram bots) and more sportsbooks continue to offer bet building betting bots, with both types of bots meant to benefit their customers. However, this won’t stop some players from using unauthorized gambling bots to unethically improve their play, try to secure long-term profits, and scam both businesses and other players.

As an iGaming operator in this day and age, it’s important to stay on top of the latest casino bots and betting bots technology trends as well as constantly ensure that your brand is 100% secured and protected from attacks, 24/7. Have questions? Want to get in touch with an iGaming software provider who can offer your operation effective security? Reach out to the Casinnovate team.