A white label poker solution is a ready-for-service platform that allows you to launch an online poker room cost-effectively and with quick ease. You do not need to struggle with game development, creating a front-end for your site, obtaining a license, building a solid platform from the ground up or dealing with all the costs associated with each. In essence, white label online poker software is perfect for someone (maybe you) who wants to start their own gambling operation, but without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Want to know more? Casinnovate is here to provide you with fundamental information about white label poker software.

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What is a White Label Poker Platform and How Does it Work?

A white label poker system is an all-in-one, ready-to-launch platform. The company that sells it to you provides you with the poker software, license and services you need and allows you to resell their product under your own brand. In exchange for purchasing and using the convenient platform they’ve built, the white label supplier also takes a cut of your brand’s profits.

With a white label poker software solution, you receive a customizable front-end, complete game integration, ongoing support, payment processing, marketing guidance, reporting tools and more.

What to Expect from a White Label Poker Software Package

Unlike other types of iGaming solutions, for instance online casinos, an online poker room is part of a digital poker network. Moreover, it isn’t only about offering players poker games to play. It is also about providing a social experience that includes hosting different types of tournaments and even providing players with access to live events.

What’s more, some white label providers allow you to fully customize your brand, letting you pick and choose from different features and functionalities.

With that said, the following is an example of what can be included in a high-quality white label poker solution:

white label poker software package

Poker game software

You will be provided with poker room software. This includes a variety of certified RNG (Random Number Generator) poker games that are guaranteed fair to play as well as poker tables of different limit sizes to accommodate recreational, serious and high roller players. Examples of poker games that can be integrated include:

  • Texas Hold’em and Hold’em variants
  • Omaha and Omaha variants
  • Stud Poker (e.g. 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Stud, etc.)
  • Draw Poker
  • Razz Poker
  • Chinese Poker

Additionally, some white label poker programs also provide the option of a full game suite, which – beyond poker – includes popular casino products, such as online slots, roulette, blackjack, and live casino games.

Poker tournaments

Every online poker room needs tournaments and there are different types of tournaments that can be offered to players. Examples of some of the most popular that are often included with white label platforms are:

  • Multi-table Tournaments – Players who don’t go bust move to other tables as they progress in the tournament for a chance to win a big prize payout.
  • Sit & Go (SNG) Tournaments – Tournaments that begin only when a pre-set number of players register to play.
  • Heads-Up Poker Tournaments – One-on-one tourney battles with the goal of being the last player standing.
  • Poker Satellite Tournaments – Chance to win tickets to other big-name and higher paying tournaments (e.g. WSOP).
  • Freeroll Tournaments – Tournaments players can join free of charge (no buy-in required) for the chance to win a real money prize pool.


Real money online poker operations require a specific internet gambling license to legally run and market to players from certain jurisdictions. A reputable white label poker platform will provide you with the necessary license you need. Examples of respected licenses that may be provided include:

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)

Payment processing

A fully integrated payment system is needed to run a real money poker operation, so you should expect payment processing to be a part of the package you choose. The payment system may include:

  • Multicurrency options
  • Several popular payment methods – (e.g. credit cards, debit cards, eWallets, bank transfers, prepaid cards, etc.)
  • Mobile payments
  • Crypto payments – (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.)

Omni-channel front-end

Many white label poker systems include a cross-platform client and lobby. They are available for all platforms, including desktop and mobile browsers as well as native mobile apps. They may also be customizable to accommodate your brand and theme. An ideal front-end system for poker can include:

  • Standard or customizable templates
  • Configurable table, deck, cards face, background, betting slider, preferred seating, etc.
  • Fast integration
  • Highly responsive user-friendly software that allows for easy, smooth and fast game access and navigation
  • Omni-channel poker client (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) – Windows, Mac, HTLM5, iOS and Android apps.
  • Localization – Multiple languages supported
  • No download required

Back-office management

A back-office with poker room management software should be included that allows you to manage players, tables, and tournaments as well as find any information you may need, securely and with quick efficiency. Examples of poker software tools for the back-end might include:

  • Risk management tools
  • Security, including anti-bot and anti-fraud systems
  • Manage project metrics, games, users and finance
  • Flexible tournament and rake size settings
  • Real-time reports

Customer Support

With a white label online poker solution, you will receive 24/7 technical support to ensure your business runs optimally all the time. Some white labels also take care of your customer support, providing:

  • Support available through different channels (e.g. email, live chat, online messaging, etc.)
  • Support available in different languages
  • VIP managers

Marketing & CRM

Gain access to all the marketing tools you require as well as important Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems systems for all your player acquisition and retention needs. Some of the benefits that may be included are:

  • Bonuses, promotions and jackpots
  • Loyalty system
  • Affiliate marketing system
  • Player segmentation
  • Tracking player behaviour
  • Personalized marketing strategies – Putting the best promotions in front of the right players

The most important part

Building a successful IGaming business is no easy feat. The online gambling industry is an ever-evolving and highly competitive space that demands ingenuity and flexibility from brands that wish to survive and thrive

Creating a strong and smart IGaming business strategy can be vital to your operation’s longevity and profitability

How Much Does It Cost to Start?

Depending on the type of white label poker package you get, the setup fee can be as low as €10,000.* However, this price can go up by several thousands of euros if other components and services are added to the package, such as an iGaming suite (casino games), etc.

white label poker

Additionally, remember that while the setup cost is a one-time fee, it will not be the only cost associated with operating your white label poker brand. You can also expect annual fees for the system and services, a possible poker network fee as well as for the supplier of the platform to take a cut of the profits.

To obtain a better idea of pricing for the online poker software solution that interests you, contact the company. You will also find that many white label platform providers also give you the option to request a quote or a demo of their product, directly from their official websites.

*Note: The above price has been provided as an example only. Get in touch with a company’s support staff directly to learn about all costs involved.

White Label Poker Platform Pros & Cons

These are the most common advantages and disadvantages of this type of solution:

White Label Poker Pros

Low-cost set-up fee and fast launch – You can start you online poker operation at minimal cost compared to paying tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of euros by building it from scratch. It also launches quickly, even faster than turnkey and self-service solutions.

  • License and certified fair RNG games included – You do not need to go through the expensive and costly licensing process and you can offer players a fair gaming experience with high-quality software and games.
  • Customizable and cross-platform poker client and lobby – Players can access online poker games and tournaments through desktop and mobile browsers and native apps.
  • Integrated payment system – Get a variety of secure and trusted local and international payment solutions that may include cyrptocurrenices.
  • Marketing, CRM and affiliate systems – Top marketing tools and features for acquiring and retaining players.

White Label Poker Cons

  • Limited to what is offered – Your brand is restricted to offering only what is available for the white label solution and the supplier may be in charge of the majority of the details related to your business’ operation.
  • Not all profit is yours to keep – The platform provider will take a percentage of the profits you pull in. It can be as low as 10% or be higher.











Is White Label Poker Right for You? – Tips to Keep in Mind 

White label poker room software is a type of business model that can be an excellent choice for certain professionals. Before determining that it is the best choice for you, keep the following in mind:

  • Choose a reputable company – Make sure the company you choose not only provides you with what you require, but is trusted, reliable and licensed. At Casinnovate, we review only the most respected and legitimate brands.
  • Not all poker programs are created equally – Find out exactly what products, software, services, etc. is included in the solution(s) you are considering and compare multiple providers to see how they differ. When you know all the options available to you, it will be easier to find the one that is best suited to your needs. We recommend requesting a demo of the product from the company that interests you to gain a better understanding of what to expect.
  • Know your responsibilities – Although you are not likely to have full control over how your operation is run in regard to the products and services the supplier provides, as you will need to adhere to certain regulations, find out what is your responsibility. Not all white label online poker platforms come with licenses, ideal marketing options or support for your customers. Again, always find out what is included. Never assume.
  • Know the costs associated with your online poker operation – Beyond the setup fee, find out the average monthly and annual costs associated with running your white label operation. This will give you an idea of the size of the budget you’ll need for your business. Also, remember that you will need to share a percentage of the profits with the supplier.
  • You are a small fish in a big ocean – Do not expect instant success once you launch. There are plenty of online poker rooms in existence, with more popping up each year. Find out who the competition is for the market you’re targeting, and base your marketing strategies on your findings.

Find the Ideal White Label Poker Solution

If you are new to the industry and/or you want to operate an online poker room without the headache and high up-front costs of starting your business from scratch, running a white label site could be the solution that is the most sensible to your goals.

Casinnovate helps to make connecting with the right poker platform company that is best suited to your white label needs, a convenient process. Start your search today with quick ease by having a look at our unbiased white label poker reviews.