What is QIWI Wallet?

QIWI Wallet is an eWallet payment. This payment method is based on a Visa Prepaid Account and is popular among online gambling players in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries.

QIWI Wallet is offered by QIWI, a publicly traded Russian payment service provider. The company was founded in Moscow in 2007. Today, it is headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus and there are over 13,000 companies that use QIWI products worldwide.

QIWI is located in 11 countries, with more than 19 million active consumer accounts and 111.6 million transactions per month. Online gambling operators can offer players QIWI Wallet as a banking solution, while players with this eWallet can use their QIWI Wallet account balance to make secure deposits and withdrawals.

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Integration and Functionality

QIWI Wallet is easy to integrate, and pricing is flexible. It is an all-in-one solution that functions as both an acquirer bank and an integrator with no facilitators. The integration process is straightforward and includes ready-made modules for CMS, CRM and open API. All the documentation you need is available via the official QIWI business site. Additionally, QIWI has direct connections with Visa, Mastercard and MIR payment systems.

Obtaining QIWI Wallet via payment processing solutions provided by iGaming software providers – like those Casinnovate reviews and has listed above – is another convenient way to integrate this payment service. In addition to ease and convenience, another benefit of partnering with a reputable platform supplier is that they are experienced with requirements and regulations specific to the online gambling industry.

How to get a business account through QIWI Wallet

To get a business account through QIWI, you’ll need to contact their customer service representatives to start the process. This can be done via their business website, which is available in Russian and English.

  • Go to the qiwi.business site
  • Select “Get Started”
  • Fill out the short form – Provide your email, company or website URL, phone number
  • Tell them how they can help you – For instance, briefly explain what payment product you’re looking for and what type of business you are, etc.
  • Send the form

A QIWI customer service agent will get back to you and if you are approved, you can begin the integration process.

How QIWI Wallet functions as an iGaming payment solution

QIWI Wallet is both an online and mobile-friendly payment option for online gambling. It is available for deposits and withdrawals. Players like it for its ease of use, many funding options, and security as it allows the exchange of real money with an iGaming site without them having to provide their personal financial data.

The QIWI Wallet user’s account is connected automatically to a virtual or physical prepaid card, QIWI Wallet supports over 20 payment methods. To fund their QIWI account, players can use bank transfer, credit/debit card, deposit via another eWallet, or make a cash deposit by simply heading to any of the hundreds of thousands of QIWI terminals, kiosks or affiliate agencies.

QIWI Wallet is ideal for localizing your online betting or casino site to accommodate players from Russia and other CIS countries. Available currencies include RUB and USD.

Benefits and Drawbacks for Players using QIWI Wallet


Secure and easy to use – Once players have a QIWI Wallet (they can get it on the official QIWI site by signing up with their mobile number), they can make a deposit/withdrawal via the casino’s cashier by entering the amount they wish to deposit/withdrawal, followed by their QIWI phone number and password.

  • Instant transfers – It is typical for funds to transfer fast. Players can expect near instant deposits as well as near instant withdrawals as soon as the casino’s pending process is complete and funds are released.
  • Mobile-friendly – QIWI has been designed to function well on mobile and players can get the app on Google Play or in the App Store, making it ideal for on-the-go play.
  • No fees – Most casinos do not charge users a fee to use QIWI Wallet to transfer funds in and out of their player account.


  • Withdrawal not always an option – Not every casino offers QIWI Wallet withdrawals.
  • Not all casinos offer QIWI wallet – Players sometimes have a hard time finding sites that offer this payment method.


QIWI Wallet is primarily available in Russia and CIS countries. Examples include:

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine

Safety and Security 

Since QIWI works in sync with Visa, it uses the same security, making it a safe payment method. This payment system features 3D secure support and real-time fraud monitoring.

It is PCI DSS compliant, and merchants are provided with further peace of mind with the inclusion of Verified by Visa and Mastercard ID Check to help them with their KYC requirements and support their risk management efforts.

Customer Support

Players with personal QIWI Wallet accounts can get in touch with support via the QIWI website and can check the FAQ or reach out to customer service via email or telephone.

Businesses can get in touch with customer support via the QIWI business site through the form. Once you have a merchant account, you will then be provided with more direct support options.

QIWI Wallet Fast Facts

  • Type of payment method – eWallet
  • Deposit available – Yes
  • Withdrawal available – Yes
  • Multiple currencies accepted – Yes
  • Easy integration – Yes
  • Popular iGaming regions – Russia & CIS countries


QIWI Wallet is a secure and fast payment method that can be easily integrated into your online gambling payment system. It is an ideal choice if your intention is to target the Russian market or other CIS countries such as the Ukraine or Kazakhstan, for instance. With the help of Casinnovate, you can find the ideal QIWI partner if this payment is one that you feel matches your business goals. Browse our platform reviews or get in touch today!