You want your online casino to be successful. One of the most important things that will springboard your casino up the ladder is the games you provide. Finding the right casino software provider will make all the difference. Now a casino software provider doesn’t just offer the games, they offer you the whole platform in many cases. Some of the providers only offer you their games or they’ve teamed up with bigger partners so they can be part of a larger platform. Your casino game provider should be able to offer you many of the essential games that players love. There should be a large collection of slots, table games, a good mobile experience, and a live casino. There are many more small details that make a good online casino provider in 2021. We’ll walk you through it.

What Makes a Good Online Casino Software Provider in 2021

  • A site that’s easy to download or has no-download versions
  • Stunning graphics
  • Great game themes and smooth animation
  • The best technology out there
  • A good mobile casino site layout
  • A wide variety of slots and other casino games

Games that Players Love

While all casino game developer aspects matter, games are truly the star of the show. The provider should offer the best games out there with great graphics, sound effects, and story lines. They create likeable characters and have epic stories that players resonate with. Players also tend to love slots that are branded by some popular movie or TV show. Among slots and table games that offer plenty of variety, there should be some form of Progressive Jackpot options.


Slots are widely popular and are a major draw to your casino. Most casino software providers primarily focus on developing slots. As an operator, you want them as well. They can make you a lot of money because of the repetitive play aspect. Players don’t spin just once, they do it repeatedly. The games have been designed to keep players engaged and playing for a long time as well. Even if the slot has a high RTP, players will usually be losing more than they win.

The big names in slots like NetEnt and Microgaming are always creating new slots and releasing them. Casinos will quickly snatch them up because players are waiting for these releases. Every time a big name in slots releases a game, there’s a surge of business for online casinos that offer them. These slots cost a lot of money to develop but everyone in the casino business will get that money back.

There are trademarked online slots that players go wild for as well. Developers may even bid against each other to be able to use names of bands, movies, or TV shows. Take Game of Thrones for example. This was an epic game to be made and everyone loves it. It cost the casino game developer a lot of money to obtain the rights to make the game. It gets a lot of play time however and is well worth having on your site.

Table Games

Casino software providers include incredible table games variations. The graphics are crisp and they’re easy to play. This is what players want and they’ll keep coming back if you have the best table games at your casino. The gameplay will allow customers to stay at tables for long periods, so it feels like they’re getting value for the money they’re spending. A casino software provider that gives you those retro games are also good for business. A lot of players still like those old school, retro casino options. You also want to be able to offer scratch cards and bingo. These games aren’t as popular, but they could attract players that are seeking out these games. It’s like a value-added service that makes your casino look good.

Live Casino

Being able to offer a live casino in your casino is going to draw players in. Live Dealer opportunities are one of the latest things to come out for online casino gaming. People are still intrigued with the whole idea and it does tend to amp up game play. Evolution Gaming is known to be the top of its class when it comes to the live casino software provider sector. It doesn’t matter where you live or what jurisdictions you’re under, your customers have access to the live casino. They cater to all languages and players can choose things like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. There is also a few game shows people can play.

Now NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech have also created live casino software. If you’re going to be using any of their software for your casino, you can also incorporate their live casino offerings. Still, as you’re able to use several different casino game providers, we recommend you also include Evolution Gaming.

RNG (Fair Play)

It’s worth including the RNG factor. It’s important that your players can trust your site. So your casino software providers need to be trustworthy. The RNG or random number generator should be used for games to ensure fairness. This is an algorithm that produces random numbers. This is important because it essentially shows that everything is random, and nothing is being manipulated. This sets a player’s mind at ease and is important to showcase so they know the casino is fair.

While you must have a gambling license, your casino software provider also needs to be licensed and regulated. Your provider has a responsibility to provide software that ensures they are legit and fair. These software providers have to have their games assessed. New slots need to be tested by a third party to ensure the RNG works properly. It needs to match up with the RTP of each game. They will also have their Progressive Jackpot tested for randomness. You want to make sure that the casino game developer you choose has all the right certifications to ensure you can offer your players a safe, secure place to play.

RTP (Return to Player)

Each game has an RTP, which is laid out by the casino game provider. You can change this rate if you want or keep it as it is for players to enjoy a higher percentage of winning. If a casino game developer doesn’t give you a high RTP, you’re unable to lower it as it’s highly unlikely anyone will play it. It’s important that you are able to offer a high RTP across the board at your casino. This is a selling feature. However, you can only do it if the casino software provider offers it to you.


You can often get a whole package with a casino software provider platform. This means, you get to utilize their readily available customer support solutions. This is both for you and for your players. You’re going to be able to have your questions answered when you need them, usually by an account manager that’s been designated specifically to you. You’ll also be able to provide your players with excellent customer service on your casino site. This include 24/7 support through live chat. They can also access support through email usually and sometimes even with a help line. This service is available in a multitude of languages.

TOP 4 Online Casino Software Providers of 2021


Playtech has been around for decades and have consistently developed incredible games. They are considered the backbone to any casino that wants to be on top in 2021. They offer their live casino, which is known to be one of the best live casino options out there. Playtech has over 700 big name branded titles. Games like Justice League, Superman, and the Dark Knight all come from the DC Entertainment mega characters. They have also created movie themed slots that are highly popular such as the Matrix. They offer jackpot slots too, so players have a chance to win millions in one spin.

This casino software provider was founded in 1999. They now have over 5,000 employees and 140 licenses worldwide. Playtech has many smaller casino software developers under their umbrella such as Ash Gaming and Quickspin. They have developed games like Plenty O’Fortuna and Mr. Cashback. Playtech is massive and ever evolving, it has built its reputation and is iron clad in 2021 because of their years of offering epic games that don’t let players down.


Microgaming has been around since the beginning and in many ways is the pioneer of iGaming. They are old school and always on top as a market leader every year. They continue to execute innovative new games and they know what people want. They have the biggest Progressive Jackpots globally with their slot Mega Moolah getting into Guinness World Records for the largest jackpot won on an online slot. They also have some branded names that are irresistible for players like Game of Thrones and Terminator 2.

Totally licensed and regulated, they are based on the Isle of Man and have been around since 1994. They support smaller developers as well, so you’ll see a lot of releases when you use Microgaming at your casino. Microgaming in 2021 is just as it’s been for many years. They have well known games that players seek out. They not only have a massive collection of slots but are also an impressive poker software provider. Players can choose from hundreds of different poker games. They also offer the Playboy Live Dealer series, which is known around the world on the poker scene.

Microgaming are based on the Isle of Man and were first established in 1994, with this company now supporting smaller developers thanks to their Quickfire online casino platform. In addition to regular multi-million jackpot payouts, they are also a huge poker software provider and you can get 100 different variations of the game. There is also the Playboy Live Dealer series available. Having Microgaming as one of the providers that power your site is a major selling feature.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming doesn’t create slots. Their focus is and has always been the Live Casino niche. They do it better than anyone else, creating an atmosphere within their live streaming rooms that puts players right in the casino. They have been the market leaders in Live Casino action for many years. They created HD live streaming that comes to you from famous land-based casinos around the world. You’ll have a large collection of games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more to offer players on their desktop or mobile.

This casino software provider has been around since 2006. They offer over 35 different games, which includes over 300 tables and 3,000 live professional dealers. They have casinos throughout the world and offer a multitude of languages. For the past decade, they have been the EGT B2B Live Casino Supplier of the Year consistently.


NetEnt is used by most of the big online casinos because they have a great reputation. They have created the most beloved games such as Starburst. Online casinos will provide this game to players for their Free Spins as it draws people in. They also have epic slots like Gonzo’s Quest and Vikings. They offer Progressive Jackpot games too, which is essential for any casino to offer.

This Swedish casino software developer company are constantly releasing new slots that players anxiously wait for. Mega Fortune, their progressive jackpot slot created millionaires, and this includes the second-largest win in the history (next to Mega Moolah by Microgaming.) NetEnt pioneered the Mobile First approach with their slots. They have also created the game Mega Joker, that players appreciate thanks to it’s super high RTP (99%).

NetEnt acquired Red Tiger, which is another great casino game provider. If you want a robust casino site that offers the game players are looking for, NetEnt should be a consideration.

Wrap up

All the casino software providers have their strengths and weaknesses. These top providers we’ve mentioned do offer just about everything your audience is looking for. If it’s possible, having them all power your site will truly make for a well-rounded player experience. They have high quality graphics, amazing story lines, great soundtracks, and a lot of excitement. Customers all vary so you want to make sure you can attract pretty much everyone. Some players only want to play blackjack while others will dabble in the slots you provide. When a player is feeling lucky, they will play Progressive Jackpots. New releases will always provide you with a spike in business. Having the most popular casino software providers on your site in 2021 is essential. There is a lot of competition out there so having the best games and player experience will help you come out on top.