There are many different online casinos online now. With good reason. It is going to make a person money and that’s pretty much a guarantee. However, there’s a difference between making a little bit of money with your online casino and a lot of money. What determines the success of an online casino? It’s all about giving the players what they want. You also must be conscious about spending marketing and promotion budgets properly.

You want to effectively attract your target audience, beat out your competition, and be the best online casino out there. A household name. Marketing is important here but of course you have to have something spectacular to market. Turnkey software makes it easy for you to create a competitive online casino. There are various online casino platform options that vary in their quality and what they offer. You want to have all the great games, high end customer support, and top security. These are things players want. They also want rapid way to do their banking and receive bonuses. If you can achieve all these things on the site and then market properly, you’re going to succeed. We’re going to let you in on all the details of what makes a good online casino platform and what are the best online casino platforms of 2021.


This is how your casino looks to players. It is what welcomes users and creates that essential first impression. When you choose white label casino software, this will all be created for you. The nice thing is, the software provider has done the work and knows what players are attracted to. Your site can be configured to stay in a person’s memory with its uniqueness or you can give it that Vegas people that is tried, tested, and true.

Many players are going to feel more comfortable when they’re on a site that has a casino vibe to it. It’s up to you what you want it to look like. More importantly, you want to make sure there is good functionality. It should load quickly, the sign up and deposit buttons should be easy to find and displayed more than one time on the home page.

You want to make sure the registration process is really easy and that games can be easily navigated. You want your home page to have interactive widgets like leaderboards that show the big winners at your casino. If you offer jackpots (which you should), show the growing jackpot in real time. This makes your casino feel very much alive and sends the message that players are winning, and they should get in on the action.

The design should be mobile friendly as a large percentage of players use their phone for almost everything they do. Being able to access your casino on their mobile device easily is going to bring more business. It’s that simple.

You want your home page to show all the licenses, certifications, and partnerships. This is sort of your moment to boast, giving players a reason to want to play on your site. You are also harnessing trust with them. It’s important to players that you’re licensed and have all the certification. It lets them know your casino is safe to play on. All these design aspects are something you don’t have to think about yourself if you go with turnkey casino software.

Game Options

The games are really the star of the show when it comes to your online casino platform, so you want to offer plenty of game options. Most online gaming companies will develop various games so even if you choose just one provider, you’ll have most of the games people look for. This includes slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, video poker, and some other random games like Keno, bingo, or Sic Bo. Every casino is going to have popular games, but you can’t stand with these alone. The more games you have, the greater the audience reach.

Consider the big names in game providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Endorphina, and Play ‘N Go. When you are partnered up with the big names in the business, it helps your reputation.

Payment Options

Payment options matter to players. The more you can offer, the better. This is going to increase your deposits. What your payment methods are will depend on the jurisdictions your casino is targeting. If you’re targeting the Canadian market, you’ll want to make sure you offer Interac for example.

Fast and Easy Withdrawals

You really need your withdrawals to be quick and easy. If you look to reviews online about casinos, players are extremely focused on how easy it was to get money from their online casino. The less time and effort it takes for players to withdraw winnings, the better. You’ll create loyal customers that will sing your praises across the internet.

It’s very important to players that they can take out their winnings quickly and without any problems. Some casinos may ask for documents without giving reasons why or they take days to get payments back to players. This leaves a bad taste in player’s mouths and they will talk about it online.

Live Chat Support

You want to make sure you have excellent customer service support. Your players should be able to receive help from friendly staff. It’s ideal that you have 24/7 support, which is usually a live chat option that’s easy to find on any page of your casino. The ability to solve issues quickly will keep your players playing. Support managers should be answering live chat inquiries within 2 minutes. Quick solutions are essential to your reputation and success. The more avenues you have for your customer service, the better. Email, telephone, and live chat is considered great customer service at a casino. Built in customer service is included with many of the turnkey software solutions.

Bonuses and Promotions

Every online casino has their own offers such as bonuses and free spins. The more you’re willing to offer and create diverse bonuses, the more players you’ll attract and keep at your casino. You want to make sure to display your bonus offers on your homepage with links that make it easy to receive the bonuses. You’ll want to let potential players know what’s in it for them. Online gaming companies are going to have these offers available. You just have to give them the right spin and let people know what they’re going to get from you. You can name them in a way that works with the theme of your casino. Get creative and make sure everyone knows the big bonuses they’ll get when they sign up and play at your casino.

TOP 3 Online Casino Platforms of 2021

The online casino platform you choose is going to help you bring an amazing experience to players. These top platforms give you the ability to create a high-end casino that becomes well-known for offering great service, a wide selection of games, friendly customer support, and epic bonuses.


EveryMatrix focuses their efforts on giving you an API-driven product site. You can use all of their features, which offers up everything we’ve talked about above. Their services allow you to create a robust casino that caters to a variety of players. They have a cross-product bonusing engine, making it easy for you to extend this to your players. The stand-alone payment processing platform allows you to offer up a lot of different payment options. You are able to offer all the best casino games as well as managed sportbook and sport data services.

What’s nice here too is EveryMatrix gives you an option of what products and services you want to use. This allows you to create a casino that will fit the needs of your target audience. EveryMatrix has been around for the past 11 years and understand what your needs are as well as the needs of players. They make it possible for you to offer up all the essential components that players are looking for. They offer a massive casino content library, they have 24/7 gaming support, many payment options, and the partner Matrix affiliate program. This is going to help you market your casino effortlessly and efficiently.


With SoftSwiss, you can expect to receive the best services, which you can then extend to your players with a highly optimized casino. They do everything they can to make sure your online casino is successful with their turnkey software solutions. They have over 4,000 games to choose from with a collection of over 30 high-quality game providers they have partnered up with.

You’re going to be able to offer your players a myriad of payment processing options. You can customize your website to suit your target market, and they offer you all the licensing you need to show your players you are legit and trustworthy. They will also consult you so you can add all the right things to your casino to succeed. They offer flexibility with their integration as well so you can pick and choose what you want. Sometimes white label casino software is a package deal but SoftSwiss gives you a few options on how to best utilize them.

This online casino platform is going to offer game management, tools to retain players, an anti-fraud system, excellent customer service, and payment management.


BetConstruct has been around since 2003 and has won endless awards in the iGaming industry. They have even won the award for Best Customer Service. They are a large company with over 3,000 employees and offices around the world. If you’re looking to create a casino that is accessible in many jurisdictions, BetConstruct is highly recommended as your go-to online casino platform.

You get to choose the products you like best from them. You’ll have access to a huge variety of options when it comes to payments, games, licensing, support, and marketing strategies. If you’re looking to do an all-in-one casino ASAP, BetConstruct offers this. You can also build a casino and incorporate some of their services. You can also use them to add value to your existing online casino.

They offer everything you could imagine such as Sportsbook, Virtual Sports, Sports Data Solutions, Fantasy Sports, Poker, a Social Platform, a platform for reviews, games, payments, and so much more. You can choose from white label casino software, turnkey software, or API integration. They offer a payment gateway, games from BetConstruct as well as third-parties, 24/7 customer support for you and your players at the casino, licensing, and an affiliate management system. They even offer the service of CRM target marketing campaigns.

Wrap up

It’s important to have all the components that make a great casino. This is going to bring you more players. Word of mouth is really important in the iGaming world. If you offer up the best games, a nice design that is flawless in functionality, have great customer service, quick withdrawals, and amazing bonuses, players will come flocking to you. Marketing is always going to be an important component to your success as well. Many of the turnkey software solutions you have available can help you with the marketing.

All of the factors we have laid out are equal in their importance. They give you a good reputation. Working with a top casino software provider allows you to give this to players. It is so much easier to get help from the best in the business. Unless you’re a marketing expert with a team of developers who can build you an amazing site with the best integration tools, you’re going to find that turnkey casino software is the way to ensure your site is meeting the mark. These top companies will get you where you need to go.