White label lottery solutions are available to help you start and run a lottery platform that lets you offer some of the world’s largest jackpots, conveniently and securely across multiple channels, including desktop and mobile. With a lottery white label, everything you need to get your business up and running is provided, including the software, games, license and payment systems. White label is an ideal platform if you’re a newcomer to the industry or you want to launch a quick online gambling business with as little fuss as possible.

Casinnovate has the essential information you need to know about this type of lottery business solution, right here.

Best White Label Lottery Software Providers


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What is a White Label Lottery Platform and How Does it Work?

A top white label lottery system supplies you with a ready-to-launch cross-platform solution that includes the best lotteries, licenses, payments, technical and marketing support, marketing tools, an affiliate program, and supports multiple languages and currencies.

In essence, purchasing a white label solution allows you to penetrate the lottery market cost-effectively, without needing the necessary prerequisites for your own platform or the technical resources, because these requirements are included. All you need to do is focus on marketing your brand and your products to your players.

What to Expect from a White Label Lottery Software Package

More specifically, here is an idea of what a white label online lottery software package may include:

lottery software package

Lotto software and games

The lottery system software may include global, national and exclusive lotteries as well as instant-win jackpots, and a ticket buying system. In addition to providing 100+ game options (with all RNG certified fair), different types of instant-win style titles and other similar entertainment is included. Examples of games that may be supplied are:

  • Instant draw lottery
  • Scratch cards
  • Slots
  • Keno
  • Bingo


Real money lottery software requires a proper gaming license in most jurisdictions. One of the biggest benefits of many white label products is that the license you need is provided with the platform. Although available licenses will likely differ from one platform provider to the next, examples include:

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
Curacao eGaming

Payment processing

White labels usually include the most popular and secure payment methods that are used around the world, especially those methods that are commonly used by players for online gambling (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, etc.) The integrated lotto payment system may include:

  • Popular international payment methods – Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, eWallets and prepaid cards
  • Local payments – Banking methods commonly used or only available in a specific country
  • Alternative payments – Mobile payments, cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.)
  • Multiple currency options
  • Automated payments and issuing of ticket services for a smooth buying experience
  • Protection against fraud

Customizable front-end

A flawless user experience is imperative for a lottery site to be successful. This includes stable, fast and secure service, easy navigation and quick access for purchasing tickets, playing games, selecting promotions, etc. The front-end often includes:

  • Lottery templates
  • Rich website content (e.g. draw results archive, guess range, odds, schedule, tips, etc.
  • Multiple language support
  • Omni-channel offer – A platform designed to server both desktop and mobile visitors with the same experience and full functionality
  • Front-end tools to create, manage and personalize products

Back-office reporting tools

Lottery tracking software and other tools are part of a white label lotto back office. Reporting tools can help you analyze important data regarding both your business operations and your players. For instance:

  • Online management and monitoring
  • Extensive reporting/expanding analytics – check on data in relation to particular lottery sales, tickets sold, winners, etc.
  • Check the performance of your business, new users and sales
  • Track your achievements
  • Player and risk management


Support is another part of a white label platform. Different types of gaming support may include:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Customer support for your players
  • Multilingual support

Marketing & CRM

A business isn’t a business without customers. Although you will be in charge of acquiring and retaining customers, most white label lottery packages come with tools, features and programs that can help you with marketing, including white label CRM solutions, which gives you control over how you manage and build relationships with your customers. Marketing features may include:

  • Track and manage your players (e.g. check player status, view player deposits, withdrawals, tickets, etc.)
  • Player segmentation – Collect data to gain insights to provide players with the best customer support and promotions
  • Bonus management (e.g. set and change rules for bonuses, free tickets for players, etc.)
  • Affiliate management program

White label lottery offers ready-to-launch platform solution.

In essence, purchasing a white label solution allows you to penetrate the lottery market cost-effectively, without needing the necessary prerequisites for your own platform or the technical resources, because these requirements are included.

How Much Does It Cost to Start?

The cost of a white label lottery platform can be as low as €10,000+. That said, the setup cost can vary (sometimes widely) from one company to the next. Just as in the case of a white label casino, the price is usually subject to what the package includes. The more you get, typically the more it costs. That said, regardless of the cost, a white label solution will be far cheaper to purchase to start than if you were to build your business from scratch* 

white label lottery

For an official price quote, always contact the company offering the specific platform that interests you. It’s also a good idea to request a demo of their product, which is usually available for free.

Additionally, when asking about costs, Casinnovate highly recommends asking about all the costs involved. This includes the setup fee, any other fees (e.g. network fee, annual fee etc.) as well as what size cut the company will take from your business profits. Knowing all the costs involved will give you a good idea of the size of budget you will require to both start and operate your online lotto business.

*Note: The price listed above is an approximation and is meant only as an example. Prices may be higher or lower.

White Label Lottery Platform Pros & Cons

There are both benefits and drawbacks to choosing a white label lotto solution. It is important that you weigh the pros and cons to help you decide if pursuing this type of platform is worth your time, money and effort. With that said, the most common pros and cons are:

White Label Lottery Pros

  • Low setup-free – White label is the cheapest solution (cheaper than turnkey or API) for starting an online lotto business.
  • Lotto software included – You are provided with the lotteries, games and ticketing buying system needed.
  • Omni-channel front-end – A highly responsive site that works seamlessly across desktop and mobile and that you can customize to suit your brand.
  • Payments included – The most popular payments, including alternative payments like cryptocurrency, come fully integrated into the platform.
  • Quick to launch – White labels can be up and running in as little as month.

White Label Lottery Cons

  • You share your profits – You pay for the convenience of being provided with a ready-to-go platform by paying a percentage of your profits (e.g 10% or higher) to the white label provider.
  • Customization goes only so far – While you can make certain choices in regard to site design, the platform you purchase is the platform you get, you don’t pick and choose games, payments, etc. The platform supplier controls what you sell and sometimes even how you sell it.











Is a White Label Lottery Right for You? – Tips to Keep in Mind

A white label lotto platform is the perfect solution for many online gambling businesses. However, to make sure it is the one that is right for you, carefully consider the following:

  • You will need to pay for more than a setup fee – Never forget that the setup fee is only one cost. You need to factor ongoing costs into your budget plan, such as annual fees, the cut the company takes of your profits, etc. A white label site may be the cheapest to start, but may not necessarily be the cheapest to operate over the long term.
  • You do not have total control – Remember, you are purchasing a pre-made platform. You are buying what is already included and will not necessarily be able to pick and choose what you do and do not want to offer. Additionally, you may be required to follow certain rules of the platform provider.
  • Every white label package is different – Some white label lotto software packages include a license, and some do not. Some offer a wide range of games and some do not. Some have affiliate programs, some do not. Point being, never assume all white label solutions are created equally. Always find out what is included and request a free demo of the product whenever possible.
  • You are responsible for marketing – You may be provided with support, tools and features to help you advertise your business and draw in customers, but the overall online lottery marketing strategy you use and how you implement it is up to you.
  • Expect high competition – Do not expect to be an instant success as soon as you launch. There is a lot of competition out there. Research who your primary competitors are and formulate a marketing strategy based on your findings.
  • Choose white label providers carefully – Just as not all white label platforms are the same, neither are the companies that offer them. You need to choose a reputable and reliable business. This is where Casinnovate can be a significant help as we only review and recommend the top brands in the industry.

Find the Ideal White Label Lottery Solution

Starting a lottery business using a white label solution is cost-effect, convenient and results in a fast launch. It can be a great way to gain entrance into the highly lucrative online gambling industry and it may be the most ideal option for you.

Casinnovate highly recommends having a look at our honest reviews to start researching and comparing today’s best white label lottery platform providers. Find your perfect match today!