Self-service casino solutions are taking the iGaming world – both online and in-person – by storm. Innovative and convenient, this emerging technology is changing the way people enjoy their favorite casino games. Self-service solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years and are now available in a wide range of formats. From online casino platforms implementing self-service options to land-based casinos featuring self-service technology kiosks, these solutions are designed to maximize convenience and reach across multiple platforms, offering a touchless, safe way to enjoy interactive gaming. But what exactly does self-service in the casino industry mean and how can it benefit businesses? This complete Casinnovate guide has the answers.

What is a Self-Service Platform?

A self-service casino solution is a type of software offered by iGaming developers that involves API (Application Programming Interface) protocols. This allows for the quick and seamless integration of games and other gambling-related content, such as technical support, back office, and casino scripts.

Unlike white label and turnkey casino solutions, this customized service is less popular among entrepreneurs and newcomers to the industry who typically have an existing online casino business and want to expand and upgrade what they offer to their customers.

With a self-service solution, entrepreneurs are granted software that feature innovative and rare iGaming systems, which provide longtime casino owners and players with even more engaging gambling experiences and a broader range of options.

How Does the Self Service Casino Platform Work?

This solution gives you full autonomy when it comes to modifying and updating products, without having to rely on external providers. This, and the fact that the provider offers games from professional developers, can be considered key advantages of self-service casino solutions: the casino owner doesn’t have to sign contracts or perform separate software integration with each vendor, saving both time and money.

And even if you need to take care of design and user interfaces, a reliable provider offers assistance during each step of the process, also when it comes to technical support, casino scripts, and guidance in front-end design.

Moreover, providers can offer seamless integration of gaming content and services like testing platforms, back office support, and hosting.

With the expertise and support of the iGaming provider, the new casino can be fully customized to make it a business in line with the needs and preferences of the entrepreneur.

Who is Most Likely to Benefit from a This Type of Casino Platform?

TCS - Self service casino solutions for business. Is it the right choice for you?

A self-service casino platform provider can be particularly useful in the following cases:

  • If you own an established casino and want to expand your business.
  • Entrepreneurs and startups entering the online casino market, since they don’t need to establish partnerships or negotiate contracts with major iGaming developers.
  • Tech-savvy teams, since self-service solutions still need proficient IT teams.
  • Customization seekers.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing for a self-service casino solution is not fixed and can vary depending on the respective provider and the specific services and tools offered. Generally, the cost of such a package falls between that of a turnkey solution and an average white label casino.

It is important to understand that the reason behind the relatively lower cost of this option is because those who opt for it are typically already engaged in running or developing a business. Consequently, they are responsible for covering expenses such as acquiring licenses, hiring web designers and developers, and other related costs. Unlike in turnkey or white label solutions, the casino software provider does not provide these components, leading to a reduced overall price.

Pros & Cons

These types of solutions offer numerous advantages with minimal drawbacks. The scarcity of downsides can be attributed to the fact that you already have an established business. Unlike with a white label casino, you are not bound by the regulations and restrictions imposed by the iGaming software provider. Similarly, compared to a turnkey solution, you are not compelled to rely solely on the same software development company for various products and services.

However, it is important to acknowledge that some challenges might arise from starting a casino from scratch and independently managing its operations. These difficulties pertain to the inherent nature of building and running a casino business on your own.

Self Service Casino Advantages
Self Service Casino Advantages and Disadvantages
Self Service Casino Disadvantages

Freshen up your content with ease

You can easily integrate live casino content, slots and other casino games from top tier developers into your casino without having to directly make deals with these developers. With the help of an iGaming provider offering a self service option, you can obtain as many new games as you want with quick ease.

High Competition

Running and operating a casino business takes work and even with a self-service casino package option, you still need to make sure that you’re obtaining the best content that will keep customers engaged, interested and coming back for more.

You’re not dependent on the provider

You can make all the necessary changes you want independently. You are not dependent on the provider to make changes for you.

Is It Right for You?

For a self-service casino option to make sense for your business, you need to already have a working online casino, or, at the very least, a solid understanding of what it takes and what is required to open and operate a legal internet and mobile casino business. This requires you to have:

  • Reliable software providers
  • An online gambling license
  • Casino games
  • Secure payment methods and processing
  • An online casino website
  • Marketing and promotional strategies
  • Customer service team

If you are not ready to independently operate an online casino, a white label option may be better suited to you. On the other hand, if you want to own your business but aren’t interested in a Do It Yourself casino project, Turnkey may be the better solution.

Regardless of your decision, you’ll discover that the solutions analyzed by Casinnovate can help you find the services and products that better fit your needs.

Find the Ideal Self Service Solution

If you are seeking to improve your current casino business, partnering with an iGaming provider offering high-quality self-service casino tools, products, and packages can unlock several possibilities for achieving a sustainable and successful business.

Our comprehensive guides have been designed to assist you in identifying the industry’s leading providers who can support you in optimizing your casino site. Take the first step and use our free business plan to set a clear roadmap for your iGaming business.


What is a Self-Service Casino Solution?

A self-service casino solution is a type of software offered by iGaming developers that involves API (Application Programming Interface) protocols. It allows for the quick and seamless integration of games and other gambling-related content. Unlike white label and turnkey casino solutions, this customized service is tailored for entrepreneurs who already have an online casino business and are looking to expand and upgrade their offerings.

How does the Self Service Casino Platform work?

With a self-service solution, casino operators have full control over making changes to their products without being dependent on the provider. They can handle design and front-end, while the provider offers technical support, casino scripts, advice on design, and more. One of the main benefits is that operators don’t need to deal directly with major gambling market leaders.

Who benefits the most from a Self-Service Casino Platform?

A self-service solution is ideal for those who already run a casino business and want full autonomy in modifying and updating their casino products without relying on external providers. It’s especially beneficial for casino owners who don’t want to sign multiple contracts or integrate software from various vendors. With the support of the iGaming provider that offers self-service solutions, the casino can be fully customized to align with the entrepreneur’s needs and preferences.