OpenBet is a sports betting and iGaming software company. The OpenBet platform is the top choice of many of the world’s leading sportsbooks. Delivering world-class content, leading technology, and tailored service, OpenBet enables its partners to provide their customers with an exciting, satisfying, and secure sports betting experience that can be enjoyed on multiple platforms.

OpenBet was founded in 1996 by Orbis Technology Limited. The company is based in Chiswick, London, UK and operates in 13 other locations, including offices in Greece, Australia, Singapore and North America. Over the years, OpenBet has established a premium client base of over 75 operators worldwide and holds 34 licenses in regulated sports betting markets across the globe, including in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

An award-winning company, OpenBet is no stranger to awards. Though the company plays a backstage role powering their partner brands, their technology is internationally recognized and has garnered multiple top industry awards, including “Sports Betting Supplier Sportsbook Platform Provider of the Year” (EGR North America Awards 2021), “Sports Betting Supplier of the Year” (EGR Nordics Awards 2021), and “Platform Provider of the Year” (SBC Awards 2020), to name a few.

Today, OpenBet mainly supplies its products and services to online sportsbooks and lotteries. It has 1,000 talented colleagues and prides itself on achieving billions of bets in a season, 60,000+ peak bets per minute, and 100% uptime with no crashes. With over 25 years of experience continuously designing innovative technology, the team at OpenBet is prepared to meet the needs of their partners. Want to know more about their products, services, and technology? Keep reading out OpenBet platform review.

OpenBet Betting Solutions

OpenBet is a betting software provider that delivers its system at quality, scale, speed, and depth. It is not a white label solution but is available as a turnkey solution. The OpenBet team tailors the system and products it provides precisely to its partner’s market strategies and operational requirements for content, services, and technology.

Although OpenBet also provides iGaming and lottery products, it’s renowned for its sports betting engine. With this sports betting engine, online bookmakers can give players more of what they want, including every possible betting opportunity and every event combination for every sport.

With the help of developers, data scientists and statisticians, OpenBet is capable of building odds and prices for billions of game eventualities.

In this OpenBet review, we’ll explore the company’s betting software, products, and services. This includes:

Game management

Sports betting product and services

Game management


Game management


Game management


Game management

Customer Support

Game management

CRM & Marketing

Game management

Affiliate system

Game management

Front-end flexibility

Game management

Back-end reporting tools

Game management


OpenBet Products

OpenBet is a betting software provider that focuses primarily on offering sports betting products and technology as well as an innovative user experience. Most notably, the company invented BetBuilder, an award-winning betting tool that revolutionized sports betting experiences by providing players with a more immersive and personalized betting experience.

With the OpenBet sportsbook platform you’ll get:

  • Wide sports coverage – The world’s major sports and events are covered, including football/soccer, tennis, basketball, American football, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket, Australian Rules Football, etc. This also includes coverage for all major leagues like UEFA, NHL, NFL, NRL, NCAA, MLB, NBA, AFL and more.
  • 400+ available markets – There are hundreds (400+) of different market types, and billions of possible combinations across thousands (12,000+) of selections. OpenBet provides an array of odds and prices that keep players engaged and returning.
  • In-Play – Also known as live betting, it is a thrilling and engaging playing experience that allows bettors to place bets after a game or match has started and before it has finished.
  • Cash Out – Multiple cash out options (e.g. full cash out, partial cash out, etc.) for different sports and diverse end-user preferences.
  • BetBuilder and Pre-Built “BetBuilder” Bets – BetBuilder lets players bet on any match they want, allowing them to choose different bets and then add them to their bet to create a single combined bet. There are also pre-built BetBuilder markets, and OpenBet offers the largest selection across all sports.
  • Singles Pricing – With OpenBet’s pricing feed, operators can amplify their singles offering, augmenting the experience with popular match, team and players statistics.
  • Outrights – The company’s outrights software allows you to offer 50+ markets to your customers within seconds of the final whistle.

OpenBet Licensing and Localization

OpenBet adheres to strict regulatory compliance and relevant licensing laws in many jurisdictions across the globe. It is respected and trusted as a secure and responsible software provider. It supports socially responsible gambling, and its software features built-in safeguards for customers.

OpenBet has 34 licenses in every major region, including North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Some of their licenses include:

UK Gambling commission UK Gambling commission


The OpenBet platform is well known for its impeccable user experience. It’s easy for players to not only bet and play on a variety of sports and markets using a variety of awesome tools, but also in multiple languages and currencies across multiple platforms. This makes it easy for online sports betting businesses to localize their offering. With that said, some of the markets where OpenBet offers localization support include:

OpenBet Partners

Over the years, OpenBet has amassed a great number of partners, and has a client base of over 75 operators worldwide. Many of its partners are among the top sportsbooks in the online betting industry. Some of their sports partners include:

OpenBet Payments

OpenBet does not offer payment processing services. That being said, its software can be easily integrated with any payment system of your choosing and it supports multiple currencies (e.g. GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, DKK, etc.)

If you are in need of a payment processing solution, you can inquire with OpenBet about your options or get in touch with Casinnovate, and we can help you find a partner.

OpenBet Support

OpenBet is always ready to help its partners. You can expect reliable technical support when you need it. Support is available in multiple languages and can be reached via different communication channels including email and telephone.

OpenBet does not provide customer support services for players. You will need to have your own in-house support or obtain this service from another company that can provide you with an appropriate system for your operation.

OpenBet CRM & Marketing

Having OpenBet products can be highly beneficial to your marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategies. That being said, this sports betting software provider does not provide specific marketing or CRM solutions.

Of course, OpenBet’s system is highly user-friendly and tailored to meet your business needs. If you have questions regarding marketing tools, bonus systems, etc., you can always get in touch directly with the friendly support staff at OpenBet, or you can seek assistance from Casinnovate, and we’ll help you to explore your options.

OpenBet Affiliate System

OpenBet does not operate an in-house affiliate system, nor does it offer a third-party affiliate program. That said, the OpenBet system is designed to function well with other software, so you should have no trouble integrating your own affiliate software, a third-party system or joining an affiliate network.

OpenBet Front End

OpenBet offers bespoke system options that are designed to be easily integrated straight into a client’s website, apps and tech framework. The company’s award-winning user interface is fully customizable for each client’s operation.

With OpenBet’s SportCast product, operator’s can customize their user interface. With bespoke APIs, creating your own UI is highly possible with SportCast. Market matching is also achieved with ease via the SportCast BetBuilder, which fits seamlessly into your site’s systems with no downtime.

OpenBet Back office

OpenBet’s highly robust and flexible technology includes a powerful back end. Operators can run both OpenBet Sportsbook and OpenBet Exchange modules from a single set of backoffice screens, which removes the need to set up events more than once. It is also equipped with sophisticated reporting tools and full risk management capabilities.

Top advantages of the OpenBet back office include:

  • Risk management
  • Clever management tools
  • Reporting tools

OpenBet Pricing & Time to Market

The cost of the OpenBet platform varies from partner to partner. As is the case with most betting software providers, the price depends on various factors, from the type and number of products needed to the markets they’re needed for, etc.

As for time to market, on average, partners of OpenBet can expect 120 days from scope to launch.

To learn more about the costs associated with the products and services you would like to obtain from OpenBet as well as a more concise time to market, you can contact OpenBet directly or get in touch with Casinnovate and we’ll be happy to help.

OpenBet Review Conclusion

OpenBet is a remarkable betting platform that is trusted and used by some of the industry’s biggest brands, including 888, Coral, Ladbrokes, Entain, SkyBet and Betfred. Compliant in a variety of major jurisdictions around the world, the OpenBet system makes it easy for online sports betting operators, from start-ups to established brands, to provide their customers with an incredible omnichannel user experience that is complete with incredible products like BetBuilder, InPlay, Cash Out and Singles Pricing.

Covering all major sports and events, over 400 markets, over 12,000 selections, and processing billions of bets every year, OpenBet is a leading supplier of sports betting software with unrivalled technology. If you are interested in getting started with the OpenBet turnkey solution, reach out to their sales team to get started. You can also contact us if you have any questions!

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