Honoré Gaming is a betting software provider that specializes in products related to sports betting, horse racing, and lottery.

The company was founded in 2013 and was initially known as Sporty-Tech before changing its name in 2019 to Honoré Gaming. The company was created by a group of individuals who have over ten years of experience in the iGaming industry. Its talented team of employees includes researchers, engineers and technicians who are experts in IT and Big Data. Honoré Gaming is a privately held French company that is headquartered in Paris, Île-de-France.

The company’s initial focus was on compiling sports betting odds. However, over the years it changed its focus and began to offer a full range of B2B betting services, creating a multi-channel and multi-product betting platform to meet the various business challenges of its customers.

Today, the company’s fully propriety technology allows them to offer all betting products from one single point of sale (POS) and one single back-office. In fact, as of the writing of this Honoré Gaming review, they are the only platform able to do this for all betting products (turnkey lottery, sportsbook and pari-mutual horse racing – comingling or separated pool). Their multi-channel platform makes it possible for them to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Here, Casinnovate will provide you with a taste of what is included in the Honoré Gaming platform.

Honoré Gaming Betting Solutions

Honoré Gaming offers high-performance software, an innovative turnkey platform and customized services for the iGaming and online sports betting industries. There are two types of solutions for sports betting, these include:

Sportsbook – An omni-channel and multi-products platform, the Honoré Gaming sportsbook solution is equipped to support any bookmaker’s operational needs, whether in relation to retail (POS) or online and mobile. It is a regulated and tailor-made solution that incudes personalized consulting, odds management, risk engine, CRM and more.

Racebook – The horse racing solution includes a commingling and separated horse racing pool with integrated official data feeds of the world’s largest racing companies. It allows for the automation of event creation and reporting as well as payment management. It also easily adapts to any international races and to any local regulations.

Our Honoré Gaming platform review will focus on the following:

Game management

Sports, betting and data products

Game management


Game management


Game management

Customer service

Game management

Payment management

Game management

CRM & Marketing

Game management

Affiliate system

Game management

Front-end flexibility

Game management

Back-end reporting tools

Game management


Honoré Gaming Products

The company offers a very diverse, flexible and customizable platform, allowing it to adapt to the needs of its customers and their iGaming and sportsbook business objectives.

Some of the different types of products that are available through Honoré Gaming’s platform include:

  • Odds management – optimized, scalable and adjusted odds. The company has been calculating odds for over ten years and calculates odds based on proprietary algorithms.
  • Risk engine – Via the risk engine, Honoré Gaming can change odds, transaction by transaction to lower risk and optimize operating margin.
  • Integration diversity – The company’s API can integrate with any betting system and payment system as well as make it possible to offer any type of game in addition to sports betting and horse racing, including lotto, sports pool, virtual games, scratch cards, and more.

Honoré Gaming Licensing and Localization

Honoré Gaming aims to collaborate with only those operators who are regulated. In addition to being a PMU France partner, the company is also an associated WLA (World Lottery Association) member.

What’s more, the company’s smart totalizator is adaptable to any international horse races and to any local regulations.

To learn more about licensing and regulation in relation to their sportsbook and racebook solutions, get in touch with their friendly support. In addition to offering consulting throughout the life of an iGaming and betting project, support during the start-up phase is also possible.


Honoré Gaming’s primary customer base is in Europe and Africa. It supports localization with its flexible API, which allows for its customers to easily integrate different payment methods, etc. into their operation, allowing them to choose the products and services that make the most sense to their targeted market(s).

Examples of some countries where localization is supported include:

Honoré Gaming Partners

Honoré Gaming has forged diverse partnerships to help bring the best product to its customers. Perhaps its most notable is with PMU Partenaire, which is the “emerging countries” subsidiary of PUM France. According to Honoré Gaming, the “partnership allows PMU to export exceptional French know-how in horse racing entertainment throughout the world.”

Among the company’s partners include:

  • PMU Partenaire
  • WLA

Honoré Gaming Brands

Honoré Gaming has customers in Europe and Africa that rely on its sportsbook and horse racing technology and software.

Among its most notable brands include:

Honoré Gaming Payments

The company does not provide a specific payment gateway. That being said, the Honoré Gaming API can integrate with any payment system.

As such, you should be able to include whichever payment service provider you would like and is the most suitable to achieve your sports betting operation goals.

Honoré Gaming Support

Honoré Gaming provides their customers with consultation support throughout the entire life of their project. They are there for you seven days a week to make sure their products are functioning optimally so that you can concentrate on running a successful operation.

In some cases, the company can also provide consultation support for newcomers to the industry who are in the start-up phase.

You can get in touch with support via email and phone.

Honoré Gaming CRM & Marketing

Honoré Gaming offers an advanced and intuitive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module. This CRM module enables operators to create a customized sports betting experience for their players. Providing this type of tailored experience for players can help operators get the most out of their margins.

One of the ways in which the company’s CRM can help to benefit its customers is by giving them the power to segment players into groups and deliver the most appropriate bonuses and perks to the right customer at the right time.

Types of bonuses and perks that can be offered include: free bets, boosted odds, cash out, live notifications, etc.

Honoré Gaming Affiliate System

Honoré Gaming does not have an affiliate program. If this is something that you would like for your business, talk to the company’s support to find out if your own in-house affiliate program or a third-party program can be easily integrated into the platform.

Honoré Gaming Front End

The Honoré Gaming platform is highly customizable and is ready to meet an operator’s requirements. It has been developed and continues to evolve with the most modern technologies to adapt to the most demanding local restraints and is designed for an omni-channel experience (online, mobile and tablet).

In addition to an API that allows for the easy integration of other products, expect a user-friendly interface, easy navigation and a seamless user experience from one channel to the next.

Honoré Gaming Back office

A back office is included as part of the Honoré Gaming sportsbook solution. The flexible platform lets their customers stay in full control of their operation to make sure everything is running smoothly and to optimize business expansion.

Some of the back-end features include:

  • Risk management
  • Reporting tools
  • Tracking KPIs
  • CRM

Honoré Gaming Pricing & Time to Market

Since no two customers’ needs are the same, this platform provider does not have a set price or estimated time to market for their solutions.

While you can anticipate fair and competitive pricing and launch times, to learn the specifics about pricing and about how quicky the Honoré Gaming product that interests you will go live, get in touch with their support directly.

Honoré Gaming Review Conclusion

Honoré Gaming offers both start-up and existing regulated gambling operators a high-performance software that is cleverly, expertly and specially designed for the iGaming and online sports betting industry.

Its omni-channel and multi-product offering can help operators reach their business goals and enhance their brands. This is especially true for those operators who are interested in breaking into the lucrative African market and offer sportsbook and racebook services to players from African countries.

Wondering how Honoré Gaming software could assist you in achieving you sports betting business aim? Open the door to communication and contact them today!