Searching for a sportsbook platform to help you start or grow your online betting business? Find out what Genius Sports has to offer in this Genius Sports platform review. This may be the business partner you’ve been seeking.

Calling itself “the heartbeat of the sports data ecosystem,” Genius Sports is a sports data and technology company and is a trusted partner to more than 500 sports organizations across the globe. It is dedicated to capturing the best quality data for many of the largest sports leagues and federations in the world, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, English Premier League, FIBA, NCAA, and Serie A.

On the one hand, Genius Sports allows leagues to take control of their official data, and on the other, it helps to create an immersive fan experience for organizations ranging from sports and betting to media.

In terms of the Genius Sports platform, the company provides what you need to launch or upgrade your sportsbook, with built-in technology that includes a betting engine, price management, sports data, marketing and more.

Founded in 2001, Genius Sports is headquartered in London, England and also has offices in New York, Tallin, Medellin, Melbourne, Vilnius, Bologna, Singapore, Lausanne, Sofia, and Salerno. It has over 1,000 employees. Previously a privately held company, in April 2021, Genius Sports became a public company after completing a business combination with dMY Technology Group, Inc. II. It now lists on the New York Stock Exchange.

An award-winning company, Genius Sports has won and been shortlisted for a number of industry awards. Recently, its sports betting division, Betgenius, won the “Sports Data Supplier” and “In-Play Betting Software” categories at the 2020 EGR B2B Awards.

What else can you expect from this betting platform provider? Keep reading this Genius Sports review to learn more.

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Genius Sports Betting Solutions

Genius Sports is a betting software provider that offers the Betgenius sportsbook platform, which includes bet management, player management, services, and support. It provides you with all the basics required to run a premium sportsbook.

This platform is ideal for those who want to launch their first sportsbook or those who would like to upgrade their current online offering. This platform is available as a full turnkey solution, or you can select the individual components you need to meet your business strategy goals.

Genius Sports Products

Genius Sports provides operators with the option of choosing the content and trading strategy that allows them to create the ideal product for their business.

Among the content they can provide includes:

  • In-Play – The In-Play product includes live sports data, live trading, game trackers and streaming, which lets you add thousands of new fixtures from competitions across the globe.
  • Pre-Match – Genius Sports provides a customizable product that ensures your sportsbook is packed with market-types, fixtures and odds that can be trusted.
  • BetBuilder – This product allows players to create the precise accumulator they want, within a single game. Genius Sports offers its customers a fully automated product that has been proven to drive margin.
  • Virtuals – Covering a range of sports, the high-frequency and high-definition virtual betting content captures the essence of real-life sporting entertainment. It can fill your schedule and add incremental revenues.

Genius Sports Licensing and Localization

Genius Sports products are fully licensed and compliant in several jurisdictions around the world. Some examples of where their products, software and services are licensed include:

UK Gambling commission UK Gambling commission
Angenzia Delle Dogane E Dei Monopoli  Angenzia Delle Dogane E Dei Monopoli 
Michigan Gaming Control Board Michigan Gaming Control Board
Virginia Lottery Virginia Lottery

That being said, as there is no Genius Sports white label platform, if you are building an online sportsbook from scratch, a license will not be provided to you. This is something you will need to obtain on your own for the jurisdiction where you intend to operate and market your offering.

To learn more about Genius sports licensing, it is best to direct you inquires to the company’s support as they can provide you with the most relevant answers to the information you want.


In terms of its market reach, Genius Sports products are licensed around the world, and they have hundreds of partners across the globe. This means that the Betgenius betting platform can suit just about any region. Examples of markets where some of its partners offer sportsbook products include:

Genius Sports Partners

Genius Sports has over 700+ partners, including over 300 sportsbook brands. To these brands the company provides live data, odds, and streams from thousands of more than 240,000 live sports events per year.

Among their sports partners include:

  • NFL
  • Premier League
  • NCAA
  • PGA Tour
  • Euroleague Basketball

Some of their betting partners are:

  • Bet365
  • DraftKings
  • 888Sport
  • Betway
  • Betfred
  • BetVictor
  • William Hill
  • Flutter
  • Betsson
  • The Stars Group

Genius Sports Payments

This sportsbook platform includes player account management, which provides players with easier ways to pay.

Additionally, the betting engine that is a part of the platform accepts and pays out bets swiftly and includes full cash-out options.

Genius Sports Support

You can expect technical support from Genius Sports, including 24/7 support with direct access to the company’s risk team.

As for player support, part of the player account management system includes providing players with seamless and secure live chat. Email is also available.

If you have a third-party customer support system you like, it can be easily integrated into the Betgenius platform.

Genius Sports CRM & Marketing

The Genius Sports platform provides customer management and engagement tools that provide the know-how to help you create and deliver personalized acquisition and retention digital campaigns.

The platform assists in solving player engagement challenges. More specifically, it is designed to drive players to your site with automated, personalized messaging across any platform where your audience exists (display, mobile social, etc.), and convert them into paying customers with Betgenius’ media buying algorithms.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provided is based on comprehensive data profiling which aims to boost conversion rates by giving customers content that they love.

Some of the marketing and CRM benefits include:

  • Dynamic eye-catching and targeted ads that highlight your brand
  • Personalized messaging and tailored ads that speak to the player
  • Razor focus on specific audience segments based on granular levels of environmental and behavioural data
  • Creative reporting that helps you understand and interact efficiently with your campaign data
  • Boost customer loyalty with personalized, multi-format display campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Push messaging
  • Promotions

Additionally, beyond what they provide, the Betgenius platform makes it easy to integrate third-party CRM systems.

Genius Sports Affiliate System

Genius Sports has an affiliate marketing platform that can be included with the platform. This is a part of the marketing acquisition tools offered. That said, it is possible to integrate a third-party affiliate marketing system as well.

Genius Sports Front End

Genius Sports online sports betting platform can provide you with a design service that will give you the flexibility to create a unique brand that delivers a consistent and seamless user-friendly experience to customers across all devices. They can also provide hosting and deployment services.

The front-end features a suite of online content, including leader boards, head-to-head stats, and event countdowns.

Fast, accurate and reliable sports data is something else you can count on. Betgenius has partnerships with 500+ sports leagues, with the fastest settlement of bets and fewest market suspensions, which provides your customers with the premium betting experience they expect and deserve.

Genius Sports Back office

Genius Sports online betting platform is highly secure, and Genius will monitor, manage, and control your brand’s sportsbook liabilities, ensuring that your business is always safeguarded.

You will receive a tailor-made risk management service that includes:

  • Risk strategy customized for your business to enhance customer experience
  • Real-time decision making by risk analysts
  • Reporting tools
  • Flexible trading strategies
  • Analyze customer data in real time
  • 24/7 support

Genius Sports Pricing & Time to Market

The cost of the Genius Sports platform depends on what a customer would like to include in their sportsbook operation.

Beyond bet and player management systems and tools, services and support are also available for those who need additional help setting up and running their operation. As such, to learn more about costs, as well as the timeframe regarding how long it will take to integrate and launch products and systems, it is best to contact the company directly. You can send them an email or fill out the convenient form on their site to obtain answers to your enquiries.

Additionally, we highly recommend that if Genius Sports products do interest you, that you request a demo to gain a better understanding of what they offer.

Genius Sports Review Conclusion

Whether you are looking for a full turnkey solution or you want to select only certain components to improve your current sportsbook, Genius Sports’ Betgenius platform can help you achieve your strategy.

This platform, which is the world leading live betting product, gives you access to hundreds of sports leagues, accurate and reliable sports data, hundreds of thousands of fixtures on the market across all major sports, and a variety of innovative products and services.

Discover if Genius Sport is the right fit for you as it is for so many of its other partners and get in touch with the company today!