GammaStack is a bespoke software development company and end-to-end IT services solutions provider, offering several services with a turnkey approach. Among the primary solutions in which the company specializes are iGaming and online betting, including sports betting, online casino, fantasy sports, Esports and online lottery solutions. The focus of this Casinnovate GammaStack betting software in-depth analysis will be the company’s sports betting offering, which includes white label, turnkey and customer software development.

GammaStack was founded in 2012 as an IT services solutions company. In terms of its iGaming services, it has more than eight years of experience in this industry. It has gained respect in this field, holding licenses with the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, and partnering with sports data specialists such as Sportradar, LSports and FantasyData.

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, the company also has offices in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and India. It has over 250 team members and has won several awards, including both the Rising Star 2019 award and the Premium Usability 2019 award from FinancesOnline.

As for the GammaStack platform for sports betting, some of the benefits you can expect is fast entry into the market and the services, features and tools you require to survive and thrive in the competitive sports betting industry. For instance, GammaStack offers diverse betting markets, pre-match and live betting, mobile compatibility and mobile app development, custom design for your business, advanced back office, affiliate system, market compliance, flexible third-party integrations, Crypto and Fiat payments, marketing support and more.

GammaStack has served over 500 clients across the globe. Whether you intend to launch your first betting site or are an existing operator, if you’re interested in becoming one of their clients or want to learn more about this B2B software solutions provider, keep reading our in-depth analysis.

GammaStack Software Betting Solutions

GammaStack prides itself on delivering high-quality and cost-effective custom solutions for both start-ups and enterprises. For its clients it aims to be a “one-stop customer sports betting software development partner” that takes care of the technology required for your business to operate efficiently so that you can focus on running your business.

The different solutions offered for online betting businesses include:

  • White label sportsbook The GammaStack white label sports betting platform is a readymade sportsbook. It is integrated with the latest features to allow for a quick launch without having to deal with any technical challenges related to software development. It includes over 100 betting markets, more than 25 sports and over 40 live markets, pre-match and live odds.
  • Turnkey sports betting platform – With the GammaStack turnkey sports betting platform you can gain fast entry into the betting market with a platform that is packed with top-notch features and customizable designs, including your choice of more than 25 website themes.
  • Custom sports betting software development – This is a tailor-made sports betting software solution that can integrate specific functionalities of your choosing. There are seamless customization opportunities that allow you to create your platform exactly as you desire and you own the IP (Intellectual Property).

Additionally, while GammaStack software supports an omni-channel (desktop, mobile and tablet) experience, it also offers sports betting mobile app development for Android and iOS devices, delivering brand-specific UI (User Interface) and over 25 sports and non-sports options specifically for mobile apps.

Here’s a look at what is available to clients interested in the GammaStack sportsbook B2B solutions:

Game management

Sports, betting and data products

Game management


Game management


Game management

Payment management

Game management


Game management

CRM & marketing

Game management

Affiliate system

Game management

Front-end flexibility

Game management

Back-end reporting tools

Game management

Fast launch

GammaStack Products

GammaStack online sports betting solutions make it easy for their clients to provide their customers with an engaging betting experience. This is made possible through the different products that GammaStack offers.

Among the key product features we can find:

  • Pre-Match and live odds – Users have the freedom to choose between placing wagers prior to the start of a match and placing several wagers in a specific limited time frame.
  • Multiple betting markets and sports covered – There are over 100 betting markets available, including over 40 live betting markets. This helps to keep bettors engaged, interested and motivated to take part. There is a wide range of sports covered, including the industry’s most popular. Examples of sports covered include: football, basketball, horse racing, ice hockey, pool, tennis, wrestling, golf, baseball, rugby and so on. Additionally, examples of non-sports markets include: celebrity, sports personalities, TV and novelty betting, politics, weather, and award ceremonies.
  • Diverse bet types – Your customers will have the chance to choose from different betting types keeping your site interested and on-trend. Examples of bet types include pool betting, over/under, parlay betting, handicaps, and head-to-head.
  • Live Feeds – Help your customers stay up to speed with the latest live scores and matches, giving them the advantage of being able to place their wagers with the most up-to-date information.
  • Esports – Esports is included in the sportsbook software, helping you appeal to a larger betting audience. Examples of Esports covered include Fortnite, Dota 2, Arena of Valor, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, StarCraft II, and more.
  • Other products – Online casino, fantasy sports and online lottery products are also available for GammaStack clients who would like to offer more than one type of online gambling product.

GammaStack Licensing and Localization

GammaStack software is fully compliant in multiple jurisdictions, globally. In addition to being compliant with Gaming Laboratories International and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU), it also holds the following licenses:

Malta Gaming License Malta Gaming License
UK Gambling commission UK Gambling commission
Gibraltar gambling license Gibraltar gambling license

The license you would require to operate a white label sports betting operation is included with the platform, which is one of the major perks about choosing white label.

While GammaStack software is fully compliant for their customizable and turnkey product options, you will be required to obtain your own license to operate your online betting business.

For more information regarding compliance and licensing that is specifically related to the product and project you have in mind, it is best to submit your queries to the GammaStack team directly.


With the ability to operate in several jurisdictions and its wide sports coverage, GammaStack makes it more than possible for their clients to reach audiences from all over the world, helping them to appeal to specific target markets. Multilingual support, multicurrency support and different betting views to accommodate European, American and Asian customers are all available.

Examples of markets supported include:

GammaStack Partners

GammaStack has partnered with a number of data organizations to provide its clients with the best sports odds, fantasy data, live feeds and more.

Among their data partners include:

  • Stats
  • Betradar
  • Sportradar
  • Fantasydata
  • GoalServe
  • LSports
  • Slotegrator
  • ExeFeed

GammaStack Brands

When this GammaStack software analysis was created, the company had over 500 clients across the globe.

Some of GammaStack iGaming customers include:

GammaStack Payments

The GammaStack turnkey platform includes a secure payments system that supports multiple currencies as well as both Fiat (credit cards, debit cards, eWallets) and cryptocurrency integration. In addition to their payment module that is composed of several trusted third-party payment solutions, it is also possible to integrate the payment gateway of your choice to support local payment options.

Bettors can feel safe making swift transactions via popular, local and crypto methods. Additionally, advanced cash-out options are available.

Examples of some of the payment methods they support include:

GammaStack Support

As a GammaStack client you are provided with around-the-clock support. If you have any technical issues, have a question or simply need to get in touch, the friendly and reliable team are there for you via email and telephone. Multi-lingual support is available.

In regard to GammaStack customer support for your players, third-party options can be integrated into the platform. For more information regarding player support for your bookie business, contact GammaStack.

GammaStack CRM & Marketing

GammaStack CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is provided as part of its online casino solution. It allows analysis of customer behaviour and preferences so that operators can plan customized marketing strategies, such as personalized offers, including bonuses and rewards, to enhance engagement and retention.

Some of the perks associated with the GammaStack casino CRM software are:

  • In-depth view of the player’s gaming activities
  • Prediction of player behaviour
  • Segment players based on specific behaviours
  • Enhanced marketing approach by analyzing player statistics
  • Custom reports about players
  • Award engine that allows you to analyze users in real-time and offer them bonuses and other perks based on their eligibility
  • Customized loyalty program

For specifics regarding CRM related to sports betting, get in touch with the GammaStack team.

GammaStack Affiliate System

It is possible to integrate an affiliate system with the GammaStack sports betting platform. In fact, its feature-loaded sports betting solution is equipped with best-in-class affiliate networks to help you better target your audience and make the most profits.

Whether you want to integrate a third-party affiliate program of your choosing or benefit from one of the available affiliate networks, GammaStack can make this happen.

GammaStack Front End

Expect a visually impressive, user-friendly and engaging UI that is easy to navigate and use. Players will be able to seamlessly access your site across multiple channels including web and mobile. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android are a possibility as well. Multilingual solutions are also available.

The white label platform is the least flexible when it comes to web design, but this is because it is a readymade solution. However, the GammaStack turnkey sports betting option has more than 25 different themes from which you can choose, while the custom development option gives you a multitude of choices as you have the opportunity to design the platform as you desire.

What’s more, being IT software specialists, GammaStack uses a variety of cutting-edge technologies to help deliver users the best experience, including speech-based betting, which allows for players to place wagers with their voice.

GammaStack Back office

Advanced back-office administration is part and parcel to the GammaStack sportsbook platform. With the help of admin dashboards, you can keep your website safe and secure and mange all aspects from one place.

Some of the back-end features include:

  • Risk management
  • Reporting tools
  • Security
  • Player level betting
  • Real-time and time-based settlements
  • AI integrated betting system

GammaStack Software Pricing & Time to Market

On average, GammaStack sports betting white label solutions can launch in as little as three weeks. That being said, to find out an official time frame in regard to setup and launch, it is best to contact the company directly to obtain the appropriate information that is specific to the solution that interests you in relation to your business goals.

As for payments, the start-up costs of a white label sportsbook are very reasonable and much less than if you were to build your online betting business from the ground up. However, pricing can vary depending on what solution and services are of interest you. For an official quote, get in touch with the GammaStack team.

Additionally, we highly recommend that you request a demo of the GammaStack solution that interests you. Demos are free, readily available, and can help give you a good idea of what to expect as one of their clients.

GammaStack Betting Software Analysis – Final Thoughts

GammaStack can help you create and run the online betting business you want with its different packages and solutions. Their secure and cutting-edge technology assist businesses in meeting their IT challenges, while their various partnerships and flexible platforms can help you deliver a reliable and entertaining sports betting experience to players.

This online betting platform provider addresses specific business needs and has developed a reputation for providing high-quality and cost-effective applications that are fast to launch, for both newbie entrepreneurs and established operators.

If you want to launch a new online casino, use Casinnovate free business plan as your roadmap!


What are the different solutions offered by GammaStack software for online betting businesses?

GammaStack offers a variety of solutions for online betting businesses, including white label sportsbook, turnkey sports betting platform, and custom sports betting software development.

What licenses does GammaStack hold, and how does it ensure compliance in multiple jurisdictions?

GammaStack holds licenses with the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, ensuring its software is fully compliant in multiple jurisdictions globally. It adheres to the standards set by Gaming Laboratories International and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU). For white label solutions, the required license to operate is included with the platform, while for customizable and turnkey product options, clients are required to obtain their own licenses.

How does GammaStack support payments, and what currencies does it support?

GammaStack’s turnkey platform includes a secure payments system that supports multiple currencies and integrates both fiat and cryptocurrency. It offers a variety of trusted third-party payment solutions and allows integration of the payment gateway of choice to support local payment options.