Amelco is a technology company offering omni-channel sportsbook, casino, lottery and financial products. It provides a number of services and a customizable approach to content, pricing and profiling, allowing iGaming businesses to operate a premium sportsbook.

Founded in 2006, Amelco was initially known for its technical reputation, which it established in the banking sector, having developed software solutions for pricing, trading and execution platforms.

Today, the company is a leading provider of sports betting platforms for tier 1 operators across the globe. Amelco is a privately held company with over 100 employees. It is headquartered in London, England and also has an office in Poland.

The company’s bespoke trading and sportsbook solutions are tailored to suit their customers’ specifications. The Amelco sportsbook platform delivers a responsive design, unique bonus campaigns, a modular approach, feed manager, payments integration and more. Both those who are seeking a turnkey white label product and existing tier 1 operators who would like to enhance their offering can benefit from what Amelco has to offer.

Want to discover more about how the Amelco platform can benefit your business? We’ll delve further into this sports betting software supplier in our Amelco review.

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Amelco Betting Solutions

Amelco is more than a betting software provider. While its primary focus is catering to the betting industry, it does also offer lottery and casino solutions as well as financial trading services. For the purpose of this Amelco sportsbook platform review, we’ll be focusing on the elements of their services that apply to iGaming and sports betting solutions.

  • Sportsbook Solution – This is a modular and scalable solution that can be adapted for all businesses no matter their size. There is a turnkey white label option that provides you with everything you need, or you can choose a development package, which allows you to build your own sportsbook with the company’s latest API and streaming technology. Additionally, if you want to mix and match modules or if all you require is one component for your operation and nothing else (e.g. a CRM package), this is also an option.
  • Managed Services – This solution features different services that are covered by Amelco, including Trading, Support Desk, and Risk Management as well as Servers and Hosting.

Amelco Products

Amelco has different sportsbook products. All can be added to the platform or you can obtain them as a mix or individually. It all depends on the features that you would like.

With that said, here are some of the notable features provided:

  • Fantasy Sports – There are fantasy sports available that include skill gaming and pool betting options as well as a Fixed-Odds-Fantasy offering, which combines sportsbook and fantasy sports gameplay.
  • Third party and data feeds – There are over 50 suppliers integrated for sports, payments and casino games, so you can choose from the best data feed solutions to suit your market and customer base.
  • Risk management – This provides you with complete visibility of multiple risk across all bet types and gives the most up-to-date risk figures possible.
  • Trading – Amelco has a team of experienced traders and risk mangers, including expert odds compilers in 15+ sports.
  • Unique bonus campaigns – There are several bonus types available and you have the ability to monitor campaign effectiveness.

Amelco Licensing and Localization

Amelco’s technology is trusted and compliant in regulated markets around the world. The company ensures that it meets all regulatory requirements in any market, giving it the power to provide you with the best solution to suit your business needs.

Additionally, its applicable products are Gaming Labs Certified and the company adheres to the highest responsible gaming standards.

Examples of some of the licenses it holds include:

UK Gambling commission UK Gambling commission
New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement
Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

If you would like to learn more about Amelco’s licensing and regulatory compliance, or if you would like to know how to go about obtaining a license if you are seeking a white label solution, get in touch with the friendly support staff to obtain the best answers for your questions.


Since Amelco can meet any markets regulatory requirements, it is possible to localize their content to make it suitable for a specific market audience. Multiple languages, currencies, and local payments are available, among other features.

Examples of local markets Amelco supports include:

Amelco Partners

Amelco has partnered with many reputable companies in the gambling industry. Each partnership helps the sports betting platform provider deliver even more incredible products to its clients.

Among their partners related to sports betting include:

  • Fantasy Sports Interactive (FSI)
  • RISQ
  • Paysafe

Amelco Brands

Amelco’s sports betting customers include both start-ups as well as some of the top sportsbook operators in the world.

Some of their betting customers include:

Amelco Payments

Through Amelco you gain access to global payments solutions, which allows your business to support multiple currencies as well as multiple types of payment integrations, such as credit/debit cards, eWallets, online bank transfers, mobile wallets, prepaid cards, and so on.

The multi-channel wallet is easy to integrate and you’ll enjoy the benefits of third-party access through Amelco’s API, which distributes their wallet across your business verticals.

Examples of different payment types available include:

Amelco Support

Amelco provides 24/7/365 support via phone, email and instant messenger. If you should ever need to get in touch with them, do not hesitate to do so. They are there for their customers around the clock.

If you opt for their managed service solution Support Desk, you will receive management and resolution of production issues. Response and resolution times are measured against customer KPIs. You can expect the company to manage and monitor the operation of all tech infrastructures, capacity planning, implementing upgrades and more.

Amelco CRM & Marketing

Amelco provides Player Account Management. This allows you to integrate a CRM tool to track player data and behaviour.

With this system, you can automatically segment customers into groups so that you have a better chance of providing them with the best experience through tailored offers and other preferences they may have. It also gives you the advantage of monitoring the effectiveness of the campaigns you run.

Additionally, there are multiple bonus types available to ensure that customers get the most out of their betting experience. Examples of bonuses include welcome/registration offers, deposit bonuses, free bets and so on.

Amelco Affiliate System

While you can keep an existing affiliate system or implement your own, Amelco also provides an affiliate system for those who require one.

This system is designed to optimize network integration, affiliate payments, and cookie tracking, among other features.

Amelco Front End

You can create a responsive HTML5 sportsbook that is compatible with all major platforms, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. This gives your customers the chance to enjoy what you have to offer, seamlessly on their preferred device.

You can customize the look and feel of your sportsbook in real-time. Their dynamic page layout is easy to use, with no technical skills required.

Amelco gives you the power to design and build bespoke mobile and browser applications that give you total control over your betting program. This also includes control over the price per customer.

Amelco Back office

Back-end reporting and other tools can help you track, analyze, monitor and manage your customers and your business operation.

Some of the back-office features include:

  • Reporting tools
  • Generate your own reports
  • Risk management
  • Track and segment players
  • Track, analyze and monitor bonus campaigns

Amelco Pricing & Time to Market

Amelco understands the importance of a fast launch as well as competitive pricing. That being said, every Amelco customer’s needs differ from one to the next, based on what they want and require for their sports betting business.

Since this is the case, for realistic details regarding cost and time to market, get in touch with the sales team to obtain more information about the products and/or solutions that interest you and ask for a quote.

Amelco Review Conclusion

The Amelco platform is reputable, trusted, and highly regarded in the online sports betting industry.

The company’s modular, scalable solution is suitable for all businesses regardless of size or goals. They can easily accommodate turnkey white label customers as well as tier 1 operators that serve multiple markets.

With the ability to mix and match modules, any business can find something that works for them, whether that’s a full solution or a single product or service.

Ready to reach out to the Amelco team to see how they can help you achieve your sportsbook goals? Get in touch with them today!

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