What is Visa Card?

Visa is a credit, debit and prepaid card payment method. Visa card enables quick and easy monetary transactions that can conveniently be carried out in person, online via a computer or a mobile device. This credit card and payment service provider is renowned for its ease of use, global reach and security.

Visa is an American multinational financial services corporation. It was first launched in 1958 by Bank of America as the BankAmericard credit card program and was later renamed Visa in 1976. The company is headquartered in Foster City, California and has 20,500 employees. Today, it is one of the leading credit card companies in the world.

Visa card payments are accepted at millions of locations in 200+ countries. It is used throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Many online gambling operators accept Visa cards for deposits and withdrawals from players in jurisdictions where gambling is legal, allowing operators to reach a huge range of markets.

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Integration and Functionality

Visa’s advanced network involves multiple parties to ensure quick, efficient and secure operation. If you would like to accept Visa cards, you will need to become a Visa Merchant. To become a Visa Merchant and integrate this payment method into your payment system, this will require choosing an Acquirer/Payment Processor. The Acquirer/Payment Processor provides hardware, software and the systems needed to help you complete the integration process.

Another option, and the one we highly recommend for online casino and betting operators, especially those new to the industry, is to partner with a gambling software provider. These providers, like the ones listed above and that we review here on Casinnovate, offer payment solutions that include Visa. In addition to helping you set up a payment system for your business, these providers are iGaming experts and understand the industry.

How to get a business account through Visa Card

As previously mentioned, if you would like to become a Visa Merchant, you will need to do so via the assistance of an Acquirer/Payment Processor in the same country your place of business is located. You can find a list of available Acquirers on the official Visa website.

While you consider which Acquirer to choose, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure the acquirer you choose understands your business
  • Compare the rates and fees of competing acquirers
  • Ensure the contract clearly identifies the name of the acquirer

Additionally, be sure to have all your information ready, such as:

  • General business info: Business name, type, address, contact details, etc.
  • Processing info: How the payments will be processed (e.g. online), etc.
  • Bank info: Business bank account, routing number, etc.
  • ID info: Tax information, social security number, etc.

How Visa Card functions as an iGaming payment solution

A Visa card can be used for making both deposits and withdrawals. Depending on the jurisdiction, players can choose from Visa credit, debit and prepaid card options. It is a secure and swift payment method that accommodates both desktop/laptop and mobile gambling.

Since Visa can be used worldwide, it is available in just about every region where online gambling is legal or unregulated. As such, operators can conveniently offer it as a local payment method. Visa supports many different currencies, including, GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, RUB, BRL, ZAR, INR, JPY.

Benefits and Drawbacks for Players using Visa Card


  • Available at most gambling establishments – Most operators accept some form of Visa payment, allowing players across the globe to use it.
  • Easy to make instant deposits – Players head to the cashier, select Visa to make a deposit, enter the amount, enter their card details and confirm the deposit. Money is transferred nearly instantly.
  • Multiple card options – Players can make secure deposits using a Visa credit card, Visa debit card or Visa prepaid card.
  • Benefits – Some Visa cards are linked to rewards programs, providing some players with additional perks when they use their card.


  • Withdrawals can be slow – The average processing time is 3 – 5 business days.
  • Visa card withdrawals and card restrictions – Withdrawal is not always an option for all Visa cards (e.g. prepaid card) or for players in certain regions. Additionally, not all Visa card types are allowed in certain jurisdictions. For instance, in the United Kingdom and Germany credit cards have been banned from being used for gambling.


Visa is accepted globally and is a popular gambling payment method in several countries. Some of these include:

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • India

Safety and Security 

As a Visa card merchant, you gain access to programs and tools that help prevent fraud and chargebacks as well as ensure customer protection. The company has developed multiple fraud detection and prevention systems and programs. This layered approach makes it so that each fraud prevention tool complements the other.

Additionally, Visa’s Account Information Security (AIS) helps to ensure that merchants protect data properly, regardless of whether the data is being processed, transmitted, stored or accessed. What’s more, all Visa cards are equipped with various identification and security features, keeping customers safe and helping businesses to tell the difference between authentic and counterfeit cards, for further fraud protection.

Customer Support

As a Visa card merchant, you will be assigned a Visa representative who can offer you assistance should you need it.

That being said, both consumers and businesses can get in touch with Visa’s support via email and telephone. There is also an FAQ as well as various guides available on the official site that offer further assistance.

Visa Card Fast Facts

  • Type of payment method – Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card
  • Deposit available – Yes
  • Withdrawal available – Yes
  • Multiple currencies accepted – Yes
  • Easy integration – Yes
  • Popular iGaming regions – Worldwide


Visa is a reliable and secure iGaming payment method accepted worldwide, making localization a breeze. It’s trusted by players, offering them a safe and convenient way to make deposits and withdrawals as well as the option to use different card types (credit, debit and prepaid). Find out how easily you can integrate Visa card and other popular iGaming payments with the right software partner. Explore our reviews or get in touch with us!