What is Inpay?

Inpay is an online bank transfer payment method. It is a unique global payments system that allows fast bank-to-bank transfers to any country that has an approved banking system.

Established in 2008, Inpay is a Danish Fintech company. The company has 50+ employees, is headquartered in Copenhagen and also has offices in London and Manila. Their innovative payments infrastructure allows them to deliver secure, real-time cross-border transactions in over 60 countries in multiple currencies.

Being regulated and fully compliant in several jurisdictions, including the EU, Canada and Australia, among others, Inpay services customers across the globe. Due to Inpay’s high security, ability to work in local currency, and bank transfers instantly registered for over 850 million online bank users worldwide, it can be an incredible addition to the other gambling payment solutions you provide your customers.

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Integration and Functionality

All of Inpay’s services are conducted via a single point of integration. Integrating is an extremely easy process and merchants have the choice of integrating via API connection, SWIFT, file upload or through customized methods. What’s more, Inpay is competitively priced. With only a single point of integration, this lowers costs as well as reduces operational complexity.

With the integration, your online gambling operation will gain access to a robust backend system that provides a complete range of functionalities. Among these include real-time reporting, seamless withdrawals and smooth currency conversions. Plus, since Inpay’s transactions are bank transfers, you’ll benefit from no risk of chargebacks.

Additionally, Inpay is available as a white label solution for large merchants and PSPs. The white label solution can be integrated into existing UX/UI. As for integration, you can complete the process directly through Inpay. You can also conveniently obtain Inpay and other payment methods through a single payment system solution offered by a trusted gambling software platform, like those Casinnovate reviews and that we have listed above.

How to get a business account through Inpay

If you’d like to integrate Inpay into your company’s payment solution, simply get the process rolling by contacting Inpay directly:

  • Head to the official Inpay site
  • Select “Contact Us”
  • Enter your details in the form (first and last name, company name, email)
  • Add a message about company and your interest in Inpay
  • Click “Submit”

Once you’ve submitted the form, a customer representative will get back to you and you can proceed from there.

How Inpay functions as an iGaming payment solution

Inpay functions as a bank transfer and can be used as a deposit option. It is also available for withdrawals for players who have a bank account that is signed up with the Inpay system. Moreover, it is not limited by international boundaries. With this payment method, you can expect the same speed, cost and ease of domestic bank transfers.

Inpay is available in over 60 countries and will always use the player’s local currency when possible. This makes it an ideal method if you want to localize your gambling operation as it is a secure, easy and fee-free way for players from several countries to make fast deposits, no matter their currency. Also, since Inpay verifies that funds are available, you don’t have to worry about the risk of non-payment. 

Benefits and Drawbacks for Players using Inpay


  • Free to use – Players can use Inpay to make deposits and withdrawals without being charged fees by Inpay and no cash is lost to conversion fees.
  • Fast and easy deposits – Players select bank transfer as their payment method in the cashier, select their country and bank, enter the amount and Inpay reference, then confirm the deposit.
  • Highly secure – Players can make transactions securely with transfers occurring in real-time between supported banks.
  • Any player with a bank account can deposit using Inpay – Even if a player’s bank is not supported by Inpay, they can still use it to make a deposit.


  • Deposits can take up to 24 hours – Players who use an unsupported bank will need to wait 24 hours for their deposit to process.
  • Withdrawals not always an option – If the gambling operator makes Inpay available for withdrawals, only players who use banks supported by Inpay will be able to withdraw cash using this system.


Examples of countries where players can use Inpay for online gambling payments include:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Chie
  • Morocco

Safety and Security

As no money moves beyond the secure limits of trusted local banks, Inpay is a highly safe payment method. More specifically, Inpay is an authorized payments institution in the European Union and is regulated by the Danish FSA. The company is also a part of the global financial institution community and is a SWIFT member. They are fully compliant with national and international AML/CTF and sanctions requirements.

As an Inpay merchant, you will also benefit from the company’s rigorous risk management procedures, which involves using the latest big data tools and compliance services to enhance transaction screening and reporting of suspicious activity. The company also employs fraud detection and IT security, ensuring protection through full-stack firewalls, antivirus programs, ongoing penetration testing and so on. Inpay’s continual checks on their partners and network allows them to offer superior levels of security and compliance.

Customer Support

Getting in touch with Inpay customer support is a straightforward process, for both consumers and Merchants who use the service. You can fill out a contact form on their website, get help via the Help Desk, or email support directly with your inquiry. Their customer service is dependable and should get back to you in a timely manner.

Inpay Fast Facts

  • Type of payment method – Online bank transfer
  • Deposit available – Yes
  • Withdrawal available – Yes
  • Multiple currencies accepted – Yes
  • Easy integration – Yes
  • Popular iGaming regions – Europe


Inpay’s unique payments infrastructure allows the company to deliver real-time cross-border transactions in over 60 countries. It is easy and fast for players to use without fees and can be an excellent addition to other payment options you provide. If you’re keen to find a partner to provide you with a suitable payment system solution that includes Inpay, peruse our software platform reviews or get in touch with us today!