Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License Review

An Antigua and Barbuda gambling license is a popular choice for many iGaming operators. This is due to benefits such as political stability, no taxation on international activity, companies not requiring authorized capital, and licensees having access to players in the UK, among other benefits.

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth country. It belongs to the group of Lesser Antilles made up of the two islands for which the country is named as well as several smaller islands. It is located in the Caribbean, and aside from being a popular tourist destination, is a well-known international financial services hub with many prominent banks and financial services providers having an office on Antigua.

As for online gambling, Antigua and Barbuda is one of the first jurisdictions to officially license interactive gaming and wagering companies, which began in 1994. The Division of Gaming is the regulatory body under the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC). It is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of the country’s offshore gaming industry. Licenses can be obtained via the FSRC.

Over the years, Antigua and Barbuda has been exceptionally proactive in regulating offshore gaming through its Interactive Gaming and Interactive Wagering Regulation (IGIWR). The IGIWR enforces corporate probity and international best practices, including ensuring the security of online resources and concealing gaming content from underage users.

In 2016, the country passed the Gambling Act, creating the Gambling Authority of Antigua and Barbuda. The Gambling Act, 2016 regulates online gambling in accordance with the IGIWR and continues to be the interactive gaming laws and regulations that are followed to this day.

Interested in learning more? Get the rest of the scoop in our Antigua and Barbuda gaming license review to uncover more details about licences, the application process, costs, drawbacks to consider and more.

Antigua and Barbuda License Fast Facts

  • First gambling license issued – 1994
  • Regulator – Division of Gaming (under the Financial Services Regulatory Commission)
  • License provider – Division of Gaming (under the FSRC)
  • Number of license types – 2 interactive gaming license
  • Approximate license costs – US$240,000+
  • Average time to obtain license – 3 – 6 months
  • License validity period – 1 year

Types of Licenses – What Licenses Does Antigua and Barbuda Offer?

Types of Licenses - What Licenses Does Antigua and Barbuda Offer?

There are two online gambling licenses offered by this jurisdiction. One that is for gaming and on that is for betting. Each license covers all respective forms of gambling related to its type.

More specifically, Antigua and Barbuda gambling licenses include:

  • Interactive Gaming License – Covers all forms of casino-style gambling, such as Casino (slots, card & table games), Poker, Lotto, Bingo, and even Bitcoin Casinos.
  • Interactive Wagering License – Covers all forms of sports and event betting, such as Sports, Horseracing, eSports, Fantasy Sports, Games of Skill, etc.

No matter the license you choose, each online gambling license covers all gaming operations, iGaming service providers, network operators, white label operators, affiliates, and iGaming software suppliers.

That being said, if you intend to run an internet-based gambling operation that includes both casino and betting products, you will need to apply (and cover the costs) of both licenses. One license does not cover all forms of gambling activities.

Antigua and Barbuda interactive gaming licenses are valid for one year. Operators who wish to renew their license annually must pay the required fee, which we’ll discus later on in our review.

The License Process – How Do I Get an Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License?

The License Process - How Do I Get an Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License?

To obtain a gaming license from Antigua and Barbuda, you will need to apply for a license from the Division of Gaming and comply with due diligence and KYC processes. However, before you can apply, you will need to incorporate your company under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

You will be required to have hardware based in the country with at least your client database on a local server to comply with the Permanent Establishment Requirement. Companies registered in other countries can apply for a license as long as the main server is located in Antigua and Barbuda and they are committed to having a physical presence in the nation.

Requirements for obtaining a license

The following is required by the Division of Gaming before they will consider granting, denying, or returning your application.

  • Schedule A – Your application for an Interactive Gaming License or Interactive Wagering License (or a separate application for both) must be completed in full and submitted to the Financial Services Regulatory Commission.
  • Schedule B – The Business Entity Information Package must be completed and submitted.
  • Schedule C – A Personal Information form must be completed in full by each key person, director, partner, and CEO of your company. This includes each shareholder that owns 5% or more of or controlling interest in your company.
  • Submit application fee – This fee is US$15,000 and is non-refundable. It is required for the FSRC to conduct investigations, due diligence, and assessments of the applicant(s). If the investigations exceed this amount, you will be notified in writing to submit further non-refundable deposit(s).
Antigua and Barbuda Gaming License - Required Documents

Essentially, the Commission seeks to verify the applicant’s honesty and integrity, their good business reputation and financial background, a satisfactory corporate structure, their technical ability to operate, and no involvement in illegal activities.

Within 60 days of receiving the required documents, the FRSC will decide to grant, deny, or return the application. If the application is returned, the Commission will request for the applicant to provide additional or supplementary information for clarifications. Once all requested documents have been provided in full and delivered to the Licensing Committee, the Board of the Commission will make their decision.

The processing time for registering and licensing your iGaming business can vary from 3 – 6 months. How long it can take depends on factors such as ensuring you’ve provided all necessary information and submitted it as requested. If additional documents are required by the regulator, this can make the process longer. That being said, regardless of how long it might take, at the end of the process – as long as everything has been approved – you will be granted a license.

License Costs – How Much Does an Antigua and Barbuda License Cost?

License Costs - How Much Does an Antigua and Barbuda License Cost?

The costs associated with an Antigua and Barbuda gambling license include the:

  • Application Fee
  • License Fee
  • Renewal Fee
  • Key person License Fee
  • Reserve Requirement
  • Monitoring System Fee

The following is a breakdown of these Antigua and Barbuda gambling license costs to give you an idea of the overall expense of being a licensee*:

Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License Cost in USD

Based on the above table how much will a license cost? If, for example, you were to only apply for one license and had only 1 key person, the license would cost a minimum of US$241,000, and that’s only for the first year.

Additionally, if you are a domestic company, corporation tax is levied at a rate of 35%. However, there is no tax for international business companies.

Overall, the Antigua and Barbuda online gambling license cost is neither the least expensive among gambling licensing jurisdictions nor the most costly. It sits somewhere around the middle, making it still a viable option for newcomers to the industry.

*Note: Be advised that the costs listed above are for informational purposes only. Prices and fees may vary and are subject to change.

Licensee Regulations – What Rules Am I required to Follow?

Licensee Regulations - What Rules Am I required to Follow?

All internet gaming companies are classified as “Financial Institutions” and are subject to all Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) requirements of Antigua and Barbuda. All gaming activities within the State are subject to the Money Laundering Prevention Act (MLPA) and the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA, 2001).

The Division of Gaming is fully committed to guaranteeing that Antigua and Barbuda is “internationally regarded as a Tier 1 jurisdiction of choice and its regulations and regulatory enforcement remain first rate.” Its primary focus is on:

  • Money Laundering Prevention
  • Player Protection
  • Industry Enhancement

In short, as an Antigua and Barbuda online gaming licensee, you are required to comply with all laws and regulations put forth by the FSRC, from AML and KYC processes to ensuring security, game fairness, responsible gambling and beyond.

In what regions does this license allow me to operate?

With an Antigua and Barbuda gambling license, you can typically accept players from most countries where offshore online gambling is permitted or where there are no defined laws prohibiting it.

That said, it is illegal to offer online gambling services in any country were remote gambling is against the law or residents are not permitted to engage in interactive gaming. This includes local residents of Antigua and Barbuda.

It should also be noted that Antigua and Barbuda have a whitelist status with the UK, which allows licensees to target British residents. Additionally, the Caribbean nation has an agreement with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that allows its licensees to receive a license from Kahnawake to run their organization. In other words, you can obtain a license in Antigua and Barbuda and operate in Kahnawake or vice versa.

Finally, be advised that depending on where you choose to offer your casino or betting services, you may require an additional license from local authorities to comply with their laws. Examples of these jurisdictions include Sweden, Romania, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, etc.

License Pros and Cons – Is an Antigua and Barbuda License Right for Me?

License Pros and Cons – Is an Antigua and Barbuda License Right for Me?

One of the best ways to determine if any gambling license is right for you is to consider the benefits and drawbacks associated with the jurisdiction. For Antigua and Barbuda, these include:

Antigua and Barbuda gaming license advantages

  • No taxation for international activity – If you are an international business, you don’t have to worry about tax. You are also not required to pay VAT, sales tax or other gaming duties on your gambling operations.
  • Access to British players – The UK Gambling Commission has whitelisted Antigua and Barbuda license holders, allowing them to advertise in the UK, giving you access to the world’s largest iGaming market.
  • Top-of-its-class infrastructure – Part of the requirement of being a licensee is to have your primary server that conducts transactions, located in Antigua and Barbuda. The servers in the nation are among the best in the world. You gain access to a private server, cloud storage, and telecommunications equipment.
  • Reasonable costs and quick licensing process – Although not the cheapest jurisdiction compared to Curacao, for instance, the licensing costs for Antigua and Barbuda is straightforward and affordable for most iGaming businesses. Moreover, it takes as little as 3 months to obtain a license.

Antigua and Barbuda gaming license drawbacks

  • The seal lacks prestige – The license seal of approval from Antigua and Barbuda does not carry as much prestige as other jurisdictions, such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority seal of approval, for instance.
  • Cannot offer iGaming services to residents of Antigua and Barbuda – Residents of the islands are not permitted to engage in online gambling. This, coupled with the fact that you’ll also face competition from land-based casino resorts in the country, can limit your customer base.

Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License FAQ

Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License FAQ
How much does an Antigua and Barbuda license cost?

The minimum fee is US$240,000 for the first year. That said, it will likely cost much more than that if you plan to apply for more than one license, have multiple key persons, and are required to pay more than the minimum for the Reserve Requirement.

How long does it take to get a gambling license with Antigua and Barbuda?

After the application is submitted, the Commission will get back to you within 60 days to let you know if you have been approved, denied or if more information is needed. On average it takes between 3 – 6 months.

What type of Antigua and Barbuda license do I need?

You will need an Interactive Gaming License if you wish to offer gaming activities (e.g. casino, poker, bingo, lotto) and an Interactive Wagering License if you wish to offer betting activities (e.g. sports, horseracing, eSports, fantasy sports, etc.). Each license must be obtained separately.

Why is this a good license to get?

Antigua and Barbuda offers a variety of benefits, including no taxation for foreign businesses, you don’t need to be headquartered in the country, cryptocurrencies are accepted, the cost is fair, you gain access to players from the UK and can operate in Kahnawake.

Is an online gambling license really necessary?

Absolutely! Without a valid gambling license you are running an illegal business and could face serious repercussions for doing so from the legal authorities of any country whose residents you target/accept as customers. This could include steep fines, having your company placed on a block list, disqualifying yourself from being able to apply for a license in the future, or even jail time. Although this does not mean you must obtain a license from Antigua and Barbuda, you should get one from another respected jurisdiction better suited to your brand.

How Can Casinnovate Help Me Get an Antigua and Barbuda License?

Working your way though all the necessary steps to obtain an Antigua and Barbuda license can be nothing less than complicated. This is why many newcomers to the industry find that seeking guidance from the appropriate experts that can help them navigate this highly bureaucratic process, is incredibly beneficial. This is how Casinnovate can be of service to you.

We have partnered with various experienced iGaming professionals who can assist you in obtaining the license you need or who can provide you with high-quality products and services that are fully compliant with this jurisdiction’s regulations. Some of the top organizations we recommend include:


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