Are you looking for a casino software provider so you can start your own online casino? This is an exciting venture and we want to help you with those fundamental decisions. Finding the right provider is one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll make. Whether you’re opting for Turnkey, White Label, or Self Service, the major software providers can integrate their platform into your business model. What software you choose will determine how popular your casino will become, whether you’ll attract loyal players, and ultimately how successful you’ll be.

Plenty of Casino Software Provider Options

The good news is that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a casino software provider. There are many companies that hold a good reputation. This helps your online casino business grow quickly. While there are older reliable companies, some of the newer companies have also grown a reputation quickly. This can reduce your costs while still offering high quality graphics.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend right away, it might be good to choose the smaller brands that are looking to prove themselves. Regardless, you can choose a casino software provider based on your budget, the characteristics, and the qualities of the software. If you have a vision of what you want your site to be like, it can be brought to life.

When opening an online casino, there are matters like getting the right licensing, developing your website, and putting together a marketing campaign. Above all, you’re going to want the games that everyone loves. The high-quality gambling software products that are well known and give players an incredible experience every time. We’re going to give you all the information that allows you to make the right casino software provider choice.

Why Finding the Right Casino Game Provider Matters

You want your online casino to be successful and profitable. There are a few important things that will help you along the way. There are factors you need to cover like reaching your target audience and having a good business strategy. However, you can excel at running a business and marketing but none of that really matters if you don’t have a great casino software provider. This is what gives your casino the entertainment value. It is truly the star of the show. It is what makes your players spend money at your casino. Software providers are brands so when you’re in partnership with a certain casino game provider, you are that brand.

What players are looking for the most in their casino experience is high quality games with plenty of options. They want all the best slots, table games, or other random games they love like Keno. They want variety as well. A game provider who releases games consistently keeps your players engaged. The games you provide is the most important function. Everything needs to work properly. Poor graphics and low productivity are not going to keep players you bring in loyal. You want loyalty. Why spend all the time and money bringing players to your site only to disappoint them?

There are review sites for all the casinos and if you’re not impressing players, this will be known quickly online. Your online casino needs the best games that load properly and offer incredible graphics. When games are high quality, players are more interested in playing and coming back. They will take your VIP program seriously and perhaps only play at your casino. Choose a reputable casino software provider and you’re more than halfway to success right there. That’s how important it is.

What Happens When A Casino is Low Quality?

If your gambling software isn’t high quality, the site is not going to keep players satisfied. It’s as simple as that. If they’re not satisfied, they won’t stay around for long. You’ll get some bad reviews and eventually your site becomes obsolete. If you choose the wrong casino game provider, plenty of things can go wrong. Things like poor graphic design makes a site look cheap. If web development is sub par, your site may not function properly. Nothing is worse than a game faltering or your casino hindering play in any way. If sounds effects are unfiltered or otherwise poor, it ruins the integrity of the game and ultimately makes your casino look bad.  

You have a lot of competitors out there. Even if your marketing strategy is outstanding, you can’t hide the fact that your site doesn’t offer quality games that players can get somewhere else. The casino software provider is going to determine what games go on your site. They also determine how your site functions and the overall design. They are in charge of your firewall, which is what protects your casino from hackers, bugs, or anything else trying to access your site without authorization. These are all key elements to your success. In the spirit of building loyal players, quality truly is essential.

What the Casino Software Provider Should Offer

There are a few important factors to look out for when choosing a casino game provider. Here are some things you’ll want to consider:

Variety of games

The casino game provider that you choose should have a variety of different games for players to choose from. This keeps players engaged at your casino for longer, ultimately spending more money. A wide selection of slots, table games, and other one offs matter to players.

You should look for a game provider that offers you various 3-reel and 5-reel slots. Your slots should have variations in the volatility too. Some games that don’t cost a lot and don’t pay out much as well as high risk, high reward slots gives something for every taste.

Even with the table games, there are variations of roulette that differ from each other. Blackjack and poker also have many different themes and ways of being played. Online casino players know that they have options so it’s essential that you fulfill their desires. Then they really have no reason to go anywhere else.

Different Types of Games

You want the casino software provider to have a wide collection of games your players can choose from as this is a major draw. It’s a very marketable asset you’ll have for your casino if you have a well-rounded collection of games to play. You want the mainstream games that everyone loves like the slots. You might also want to have the games that other casinos maybe don’t offer such as Keno or Sic Bo.  

Microgaming has over 600 games so when you advertise yourself as a casino powered by Microgaming, players know you have plenty of different games. A casino game provider should be able to offer up all the various popular games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, and a wide of collection of slots.


You should be sure that the software you’re going to have on your site is licensed. It’s going to cost you more but you can be sure that you won’t be caught out with software that doesn’t work properly and potentially contains viruses. When you choose licensed software, you’ll have peace of mind that it will work perfectly. Your players have the peace of mind that they’re putting their money into a reputable casino.

If you’re opting to do self service or turnkey when starting your own casino, you’ll have to get licensing on your own. This takes quite a lot of time and the process can be complex. Going with the White Label options and choosing a game provider that has legit licensing is the easiest, fastest path to getting your casino business going in a legit way.

Mobile Friendliness

Research has found that nearly 60% of adults use their smartphones for most things. Casino players are a part of this number. This is why it’s important to have an adaptive casino that works seamlessly on a mobile device. Your reach a much wider market of casino players if you use software that you can integrate into a mobile version easily. Some of the casino software providers create apps or they allow players to go through their browser and play right away.

Graphics and Sound

The quality of graphics gives an instant impression that the whole casino is high quality. Visual appearance is one of the senses that holds a lot of weight for players. Make sure you choose a casino game provider that consistently offers good graphics with all the products you’ll be showcasing. Good graphics include sharp lines, sharp color, and good background music that’s crisp and clear.  

The measurement of quality depends on a few features with an online casino game. Graphics matter of course but the cherry on top is the soundtrack. How well it matches the theme and how crisp it is will say a lot about the quality of the game.

User Friendly Interface

People who are coming to your casino for the first time need a seamless, great experience. If they don’t get it, they will quickly leave and probably never come back. It needs to be easy in every way. This is why you want to choose a casino software provider that offers an easy-to-use interface. It’s best to look for software providers that make it easy to sign up, get bonuses, and navigate around the site.

It should be easy for them to find the games they want, claim their bonuses, do their banking, and figure out what their VIP points are. All of these things are going to keep players engaged as all they have to do is focus on playing the games they love.

The Fun Factor

Ultimately, anyone going to an online casino is looking to have fun. The software out there is highly competitive in offering creative and innovative new games for players. The more fun your players are having, the more they’re going to love your casino and become loyal to you. Your casino should be built for fun so see what people are saying about the entertainment value with a casino software provider you’re interested in working with.

Innovative Technology

By choosing an online casino software provider that’s known for being innovative, you’ll entice players that appreciate diversity. The games are forever changing and when you have the newest creations, you’re likely to attract more players and keep your existing ones engaged. Software providers should update their games and create new products regularly. You can check out to see when their last software update was released. This gives you a sense of how up to date they are on overall trends.


The reputation of a casino game provider is important. If their name is well known, that alone can attract people to your casino. Their good reputation for consistently offering fun, security, fairness, and high-quality software works well in your favor. A great software provider will have good reviews out there, which is highly respected in the online casino industry.

Top Casino Software Provider Options

So now you’re starting to get the idea of what you need to look for. The quality of your casino is completely dependent on your choice software choice. It will determine what games you have on your site, how your site functions, how it’s designed, and what the security will be like. You have a lot of options when it comes to what casino game provider you’ll work with.

There are quite a few companies that are well established with an excellent reputation. They have been providing software for online casinos for decades and helped the industry grow into what it is today. Before you make the final choice, you’ll want to know what qualities each of the casino game providers offer.


Microgaming is one of the original casino software providers and they’ve done a lot for online gambling since 1994. They have a great reputation and are the first software developers that provided casino games online. They have over 1,000 games on offer games that attract players including Avalon, Dolphin Quest, and Game of Thrones.

It’s also worth mentioning that they were in the Guinness World Book of Records for paying out the largest jackpot. Mega Moolah, their progressive jackpot slot, paid out nearly 18 million pounds in just one spin.

They provide their software to many online casinos that have the money to pay for it. Another attribute to Microgaming is that they are multilingual. Their games are available in over 40 different languages. Microgaming comes out with spectacular games quite regularly. They also make it a point to do things differently, leading the pack with their innovative ideas. Their software is compatible with your PC and mobile devices across the board.


NetEnt is another heavy hitting casino game provider, creating the most popular slots of 2020. Starburst and Mega Fortune are an example of the incredible graphics that NetEnt offers its players. They have over 200 games and service casinos on a worldwide scale. They have won awards for their gaming solutions and their software is seamless on all devices. NetEnt is best known for its progressive jackpot systems that pay out large.


International Game Technology specifically develops slots. They specialize in slots, which are highly impressive. Being that slots are so popular, it’s good to have this provider on your site. Players are often drawn to franchise names like Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly, which is the creation of IGT. They supply casino games to online casinos all over the world.


A giant in the casino game provider industry, Playtech has over 600 casino games. They pride themselves with high quality graphics and clear, intense soundtracks in their games. They offer live casino software, video slots and table games all with mobile gaming capabilities. Playtech has created epic video poker games and slots. They work with other tech companies to give you more playing options and are known for providing a generous bonus system.

Other Mentionable Casino Software Providers


Next Generation Gaming is well known for offering players a big library of different casino games. They have a great reputation and have created over 250 games.


They are well known for creating big 3D slots with incredible graphics and out of this world animations. Players get an immersive experience that works with all the senses.

Play’ n Go

They have been around for a long time and can power your online casino with their video slots, table games, bingo, scratch cards, and video poker.

Getting Your Casino Powered with a Casino Software Provider

Hopefully, you have some idea of what casino game provider you want powering your casino. So how do you go about buying the software? This is often carried out through intermediaries, a company specializing in all casino solutions for those looking to start their own online casino. They represent you and help you get what you want based on your needs and budget. In this modern market, there are plenty of options but if you aren’t well informed, you could wind up collaborating with an unknown brand that doesn’t deliver.

When buying slots or table games for your online casino, you want to put your money towards casino software providers that are well respected. Intermediary companies understand the market and work with all sorts of operators. You can tell them what you’re looking for and how you want your casino to run. They’ll secure the contracts for you with the providers you want to work with. Make sure you choose a company that is reputable itself. Companies that are known to only work with the best gambling products out there.

Once you’re up and running, casino software experts can also help you organize your activities and create new projects. Ultimately, they are taking the guess work out of your business venture and helping you to succeed. They can curate your ideas into the online casino you were hoping for within the budget you provide.


Choosing the right casino software provider will determine a lot of things. How much money your casino makes, how easy it is to attract and keep players, and how much it will grow in the future. Think quality and reliability with a reputable provider. Know that your customers want great graphics, mind blowing animation, good themes, uninterrupted play, great bonuses, well known games, top security, and great customer service that is available 24/7.