Sirplay specializes in sports betting software and provides its own in-house product for online, mobile and retail. It also offers other iGaming solutions, including Live Betting, Live Casino, Online Poker, Virtual Games, Daily Fantasy Sports and Bitcoin. Both white label and turnkey sports betting options are available.

Established in 2011 in Malta, but initially founded in 2005 in Italy, Sirplay LTD is a major seller of white label sports betting solutions in Africa, Asia and South America, and was the first software supplier to sell turnkey solutions to operators in these continents. The company is headquartered in Malta, with offices in Peru, Columbia, Argentina and Nigeria. It offers its services in 22 countries and has over 130 clients worldwide.

The Sirplay platform has been designed with a very flexible modular software, meticulously developed to meet the needs of the market, players, and agencies. They help their clients in the development, licensing and promotional process, in addition to other services.

Beyond being certified by leading industry bodies, Sirplay ensures its application meets the criteria for all jurisdiction guidelines where it operates. The cross-platform (desktop, mobile, tablet) products that they offer can accommodate existing businesses that would like to improve/add to their offering. It also suits those who would like to start their first sportsbook and need everything from a website, payment gateway, sports software, odds feeds, back office, support, etc. to set up and effectively run their operation.

Wondering if Sirplay provides the precise betting business solution you’ve been seeking? Find out in our Sirplay review.

Sirplay Betting Solutions

Sirplay is a betting software provider of two main types of solutions. It’s first solution is a White Label Solution, which is a ready-to-go and fully managed certified sportsbook. It includes specialized hosting, all required sportsbook software and sports odds data feeds, as well as risk management and customer support services. It also allows for mixed platforms, including casino, live casino, live poker, live betting, races and virtual games.

Sirplay also offers a turnkey Wagering Solution. This is an ideal option for those who already have a bookmaking business or an existing iGaming business and would like to add a sportsbook. The software provides great odds and betting types, automated odds feeds, a wide range of global sporting events, management tools, online casino games and more.

In this Sirplay platform review, we’ll take a look at the following components of the company’s software:

Game management

Sports, betting and data products

Game management


Game management


Game management

Payment management

Game management


Game management

CRM & Marketing

Game management

Affiliate system

Game management

Front-end flexibility

Game management

Back-end reporting tools

Game management


Sirplay Products

Sirplay has many products to help you meet your online sportsbook goals. From a variety of global events to live betting, odds feeds, eSports and more, you can offer players an exceptional sports betting experience.

Some of their products include:

  • Sports markets and events – A huge range of sports markets are covered, including Soccer, Baseball, Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Baseball, American Football, Golf, Rugby, Hockey, Formula 1, MotoGP and so on.
  • eSports – Players can bet on top eSports events, such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty and more. There are 20 live eSports markets and the software includes Live Twitch stream and Betting stream.
  • Live Betting – There are thousands of live events every month, covering all major sports categories. Live streaming is also available.
  • Odds Feed – Included are automated odds feeds and bets settlements, display odds in five different formats, as well as the best odds and betting types.
  • Virtual Sports – There are a variety of virtual and real sports products created with artificial intelligence and 3D animation to keep players interested and engaged. For instance, there are dog races, horse races, motorcycle races, etc. Players can even create their own football league and personalize their team.
  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) – This product gives Fantasy Sports players a simple and easy way to play fantasy games that are mobile optimized. Contests are played live during sports events and players can choose from different types of skill games.
  • Bitcoin – For operators who would like to offer more than just cryptocurrency payments, Sirplay has Bitcoin sports betting software that lets players bet with Bitcoin.

Sirplay Licensing and Localization

Sirplay ensures that its products comply with all the necessary guidelines put forth by the jurisdictions where they operate. Their products are used in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America, and are available in 22+ countries.

A license is included with the white label casino solution. However, if you require a license for your sports betting business, Sirplay can offer you licensing assistance. This includes guaranteed support during the licensing and regulation process of gaming operations.

In addition to licensing, Sirplay’s software has been tested and certified for quality and security by leading industry bodies, such as Gaming Laboratories International (GLI-19 and GLI-Colombia), ISO (IOS/IEC 27001:2013) and ISS.

For more information regarding licensing and certification, contact the Sirplay support team directly.


Sirplay can easily accommodate multiple languages and currencies, helping you to reach a broader audience. Additionally, local payments can be integrated and display odds can be customized in five different ways, including European format, UK format, American format and Hong Kong, Indo and Malay odds format.

Examples of some of the markets where Sirplay offers localization support include:

Sirplay Partners

Sirplay has different partners to help the company deliver the best odds and services to its clients.

Among their sports partners include:

  • Oddin
  • Custom America
  • Niubiz
  • Google Cloud
  • Betradar

Sirplay Brands

Sirplay has 100+ clients that use their sports betting software.

Some of their betting customers include:

Sirplay Payments

Sirplay can provide a gambling payment gateway with multiple currencies supported (e.g. EUR, USD, GBP, etc.) The Sirplay platform is integrated with several different payment gateways to meet the needs of different local markets. Additionally, if you would like to use a specific PSP, they can integrate this for you.

In addition to fiat payments (credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, eWallet’s, online bank transfer, etc.), a Bitcoin wallet is also available. This crypto wallet allows players to deposit in 40+ different cryptocurrencies.

Example of payments include:

As previously mentioned, it is also possible to opt for a Bitcoin sportsbook solution, which is a crypto betting platform that allows players to place bets using cryptocurrencies like BTC.

Sirplay Support

You can count on Sirplay to provide 24/7 technical support and remote maintenance. Depending on the product you select, Sirplay also provides specialized hosting, which includes setting up hardware, dedicated gaming servers, monitoring 24/7 and professional support.

Those in need of a flexible start up are provided initial training with a dedicated account manager who can aid in design creation, branding and customization. Additionally, the company can support those new to the industry who need to prepare a business plan and can assist in providing forecast figures to help future operators calculate operation costs, ROI and profits.

Support can be reached via the form on the official Sirplay site, via email, telephone, WhatsApp and Skype. Support is available in multiple languages.

In terms of player support, if this is a service that you require, simply ask the Sirplay staff how this can be integrated into the platform you would like.

Sirplay CRM & Marketing

CRM and marketing are important tools for both acquiring and retaining players. Sirplay offers marketing and promotion services, including a bonus system that can be beneficial to your business.

To learn more specifics about the types of marketing/CRM services that Sirplay can provide and/or integrate for your business, don’t hesitate to direct your enquires to their friendly support team.

Sirplay Affiliate System

Sirplay understands the importance of affiliate marketing as this is one of the most cost-effect methods for driving traffic to a business and acquiring new customers.

The Sirplay betting platform includes affiliate marketing tools, a referral system as well as social media to help you reach your target market. Integrating an affiliate program of your choice may also be possible. Ask their support for details regarding your affiliate options.

Sirplay Front End

Sirplay takes care of the front end and can help you with your design. You can take your pick from over 80 sportsbook templates or you can create your own layout. The company can also design bespoke artwork and develop graphics tailored to suit your existing logo, theme and colours.

You will also find it easy to insert customer banners in the main pages to sponsor offers, events or even an important match. What’s more, they can take full control over setting up your sports betting website, including hosting, user interface, odds feed, product activation and customized pages, if this is what you’d prefer.

The Sirplay sportsbook platform is fully compatible with mobile tablet and desktop platforms and provides a seamless, user-friendly betting experience, no matter the device a player chooses. For operators who would prefer to have a specific mobile betting focus, an app option is also available.

Sirplay Back office

Sirplay provides a strong back-end that lets you fully mange you sports betting operation and your players. You have accesses to reporting tools and several other features.

For instance, some of the features of the back office include:

  • Multi-level network creation and management
  • Risk management
  • Advanced reporting tools for time range, bet ID, role, etc.
  • Marketing affiliation system
  • Gaming traffic reports
  • Score simulator
  • Statistics
  • Customizable bonus system

Sirplay Pricing & Time to Market

The Sirplay white label betting solution is reasonably priced and provides those who would like a ready-made platform with a cost-effective and convenient entrance into the industry. For precise details regarding price, contact the Sirplay team as costs may vary depending on a customer’s requests.

As for time to market, your site can be ready quickly in a matter of a few weeks and sometimes in as little as ten business days. Like pricing, it all depends on a client’s request and how custom-tailored they would like their sportsbook site to be.

Sirplay also offers a demo for its different products. We highly recommend requesting a demo of the one that most interests you to get a good idea of what you will receive.

Disadvantages of the Sirplay Platform

Is the Sirplay software platform right for your iGaming business? Although there are several benefits to choosing this solutions provider there are a few drawbacks to think about as well.

  • No affiliate marketing program – Though there are affiliate marketing tools provided, there is no specific affiliate marketing program or affiliate network offered by Sirplay.
  • No Poker solution – Sirplay has solutions for sports betting, casino, live casino, bingo and lottery. If you are interested in running a poker room, this isn’t the most ideal software.
  • Greater focus on sports betting – Though Sirplay does offer a white label casino solution and API casino tools, the company’s true specialty is sports betting. It might not be the right fit for experienced casino operators seeking to enhance their product offering.

Sirplay Review Conclusion

Sirplay delivers high-quality sports betting software. Their certified platform offers exceptional performance, has a highly customizable user interface and provides bookmakers – established operators and those ready to start their first business – with what they need to reach their objectives.

With a presence in every continent and experience in multiple countries, Sirplay can help you target specific markets with their various sports products, particularly if your focus is to attract players in South America and Africa. Additionally, if white label is what you want, you have the option of purchasing a ready-made and quick-to-launch sportsbook solution.

Eager to take the next step? Get in touch with Sirplay today and discover how this brilliant software provider can make your online sports betting business dreams a reality.