Delasport delivers innovative software and a turnkey platform for iGaming businesses across the globe. The company provides flexible omnichannel sportsbook and casino solutions as well as a white label platform that provides iGaming businesses with a complete sports betting and casino gambling management system.

Delasport has been a betting software provider since 2010 when it was founded. Over the years the company has grown and currently has a team of more than 100 people. Their team includes experts in IT, sports, risk management and trading. The company is headquartered in Gibraltar and has additional branches across Europe and Asia, including Malta, Bulgaria, and Israel.

Today, Delasport is internationally known for providing development, support and maintenance of sports betting, online casino software and turnkey iGaming solutions. The company’s cutting-edge tech has also gained recognition with Delasport having been shortlisted for a number of prestigious industry awards including being shortlisted for the “Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation/Software” at the SBC Awards 2020.

Via their different solutions, Delasport can be an asset to online gambling businesses that are launching their first brand as well as those with an existing operation that would like to add more products or enhance what they already have. Some of the benefits and services they offer include: marketing, fraud detection & KYC, risk management, payment gateways, licensing, data feed, API betting and so on.

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Delasport Betting Solutions

Delasport offers three main solutions. These include:

  • Sportsbook solution – This is a complete sportsbook product that is up-to-date with the latest betting trends and is designed to meet the highest industry standards. It provides access to thousands of sporting events each month with multiple markets available for each one as well as the best odds, margins and an advanced risk management system. There are also a number of premium features that let you customize the product based on your particular needs and goals.
  • Advanced platforms – This consists of a whole package of advanced Delasport platforms that enable their customers to develop their business in any direction they desire.
    • White label solution – New operators can benefit from the security, convenience and fast launch of the Delasport white label solution. All operational details are taken care of for you including trading, risk management, marketing, finance, customer service, etc.
    • Independent turnkey solution – There is a full turnkey solution that allows you to operate your business independently but with the benefit of Delasport’s premium features. Among these include a complete sportsbook management system, risk management tool, CRM, payment system, anti-fraud tool, marketing, etc.
    • Sportsbook plugin – For those who have more industry experience, they can enhance their market reach with unique features, such as the Asian Sportsbook Plugin. This plugin can be seamlessly integrated and includes an enhanced reporting system to help you guide the flow of your operations.
    • Ready-made website – There is a ready-made website platform option that can be ready in less than a day with no setup fees, allowing you to quickly launch a credit business of your own. This solution is based on Delasport’s comprehensive Asian agent system and the website is equipped with everything that’s needed, including full risk control and a bets monitoring system.
  • Casino solutions – There is also a premium casino solution that can be implemented into an existing site or is available as a standalone product. There are thousands of slots and casino games to choose from.

Delasport Products

The Delasport sportsbook platform comes with a number of key features that make it an exceptional product. Among these include:

  • Multiple sports and events – There are a myriad of sports and each one has a variety of markets. There are thousands of events and new markets are introduced all the time.
  • Live betting – There are thousands of events for In-Play betting and a growing number of live markets. A “Live Center” feature is also available. This feature allows for a graphical representation of the play-by-play of each game alongside the Live in-game stats.
  • Attractive odds – There is a sophisticated odds-compiling algorithm to guarantee the most attractive odds possible. This includes the best margins for Asian handicap markets.
  • Advanced risk management – Delasport employs over 40 traders who monitor each and every event, odds and incoming bets with the best tech and tools available. This allows them to compile attractive odds for all sports events while at the same time ensures the risk is kept in check and under total control.
  • Mobile – A complete mobile-first sportsbook solution that features 2,000+ matches daily, fast and easy access to funds with 12+ payment options, Live Betting & Live Center, casino slots and games, and an integrated live chat service.
  • Agent System – There are three tiers for this system: Super-agents, Masters and Agents. This system provides you with full control over customer management via a simple interface. Some of the key features of this system include cross-platform and cross-device solution, incoming bets monitor Agents, user-friendly reports and statements, full customer management, control over balance and credit and all of this is available in multiple Asian and European languages.

Delasport Licensing and Localization

Delasport offers fully compliant software and products and meets the regulation requirements of many markets around the world. Therefore, no matter where you might wish to operate, you should not have a problem using their platform and services.

If you select their white label solution, you will receive assistance with establishing your company and the licensing process. If you wish to learn more details about licensing and regulation compliance in regard to their products and solutions, consult with the company directly about your specific online sports betting project plans.


Localization is made simple with Delasport. The company’s highly customizable solutions are adaptable to most markets, with several languages, currencies and local payments supported. Furthermore, their sportsbook product is available in both Asian and European views. In essence, the Asian view emphasizes on the 2-way markets (Handicap and Over/Under), enabling you to display more lines and sorting those according to time and market, while the European view emphasizes on the traditional 1×2 market, sorting events by jurisdictions.

Some examples of countries where localization is possible include:

Delasport Partners

Delasport has partnered with a number of brilliant companies that help Delasport to deliver to its customers the most innovative and secure sportsbook and iGaming solutions.

Among their partners include:

  • IncomeAccess Group
  • BBTech
  • Zendesk
  • ONEworks
  • Praxis
  • Kiron

Delasport Brands

Delasport has a variety of customers around the globe. Their customers do not only include sportsbook brands but also other B2B solution providers.

Some of their betting customers include:

Delasport Payments

Delasport provides a comprehensive payment system to those in need of this service. Their payment system includes various types of payments (e.g. eWallet, bank transfer, credit card, debit card, etc.) and supports a diverse range of payment suppliers. It is also available in various currencies.

Examples of the payments available include:

Delasport also has a fraud detection team that can handle your entire KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This acts as the first-line of defense for your business. The company has all the essential tools to cross-check users based on their personal information, gaming and financial activities. This allows them to identify those customers who abuse the system and potential fraud in a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant way.

Delasport Support

Delasport is always there for their clients, any time of the day or night. If you have a technical problem or a question, you can depend on the friendly and professional support staff to respond and help you as best they can. They will also provide you with what you need to help you lead your website in the right direction.

In addition to supporting their clients, if you require customer care resources and tools for your players, this is also available including tickets, phone calls, live chat, and WhatsApp.

Delasport CRM & Marketing

Delasport offers both CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing services. These services can be managed by you or your can have the Delasport team manage them for you.

With the CRM system, you can increase your chances of reaching and retaining your audience. This can be achieved with the help of features like:

  • Tracking player data, trends and behaviour
  • Segmenting your player base
  • Managing campaigns, promotions, contests

As for marketing, you can take advantage of CMS (Content Management System) tools as well as different acquisition and retention marketing strategies. What’s more, Delasport’s highly skilled marketing experts will mold your products to meet the highest standards in the business to make your brand even more competitive and appealing.

Delasport Affiliate System

Delasport offers an affiliate system service to its clients. The system uses multiple channels and custom-made solutions, which allows the company’s affiliate team to have increased reach. Plus, Delasport is partnered with IncomeAccess, one of the best affiliate marketing, business intelligence and SEO service providers in the regulated gaming industry.

Additionally, if you already have an affiliate program you like (either your own or another company), third-party software integration is possible.

Delasport Front End

Delasport delivers a highly flexible omnichannel front end that seamlessly functions across multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile and tablet. Players can enjoy smooth navigation and a fast and responsive user experience.

For those who choose the white label solution, you can select from brand designing and skinning for your website. Moreover, your desired content will be implemented and web hosting is included.

You can customize your website, including your logo, content, risk, products, view, banners and promotions. Mobile apps are also available.

Delasport Back office

Delasport provides a highly optimized back-office solution that lets you manage and control your business and track data about your players and campaigns to help you improve your operation as well as your marketing retention strategies.

You can benefit from advantages such as:

  • Reporting tools
  • Risk management
  • Track and segment your players
  • Create and manage campaigns, promotions, etc.

Delasport Pricing & Time to Market

Time to market and pricing details vary depending on the Delasport solution you choose. For full details regarding speed of launch time as well as an accurate outline of costs, contact the Delasport team directly.

Additionally, we highly recommend you take advantage of the demos that are offered by the company so that you can gain deeper insight into what you can expect to receive.

Delasport Review Conclusion

Delasport is truly an exceptional sports betting platform provider. It can support any type of iGaming business in need of a sportsbook or casino product, whether the operator is searching for a white label solution, a turnkey solution or an API and XML solution.

Delasport is with you every step of the way. It doesn’t matter if that means you require their technical expertise, or if you require them to run your full operation, or if you need only certain quality services such as customer support or marketing. The omnichannel platform is flexible, customizable, can be localized and, when used efficiently, can give your competition a run for its money.

If you’re looking for a sportsbook and iGaming platform provider that stays on top of the latest sports betting trends and implements them into their offering as well as meets all industry requirements, this could be the right partner for you! Ready to take the next step? Get in touch with the friendly pros at Delasport today!