Betsys creates premium software for both online and retail sports betting businesses. They offer a full spectrum of betting software and have a variety of solutions that cover everything you require to get your business up and running or to take your existing operation to the next level. They also provide consultation services.

Headquartered in the Czech Republic, with an additional office in Poland, Betsys is the largest supplier of sports betting solutions in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The privately held company was founded in 2002 and has 150+ employees.

Among the various Betsys betting and iGaming solutions include a full spectrum of products, such as sports betting, live sports, virtual sports, odds data, CRM and casino. The solutions are also available through different channels including online, mobile and retail. Additionally, the company offers support services, consultation and the possibility of securing bookmakers to help control the game.

From a flexible front end to back-end support and everything in between, you will learn in our Betsys review that there are ready-made solutions that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Keep reading to find out more about their products.

Betsys Betting Solutions

Betsys offers a variety of solutions. You will find cross-platform solutions (online and mobile) for sports betting and casino in the form of turnkey solutions and white label solutions. There is also a retail solution (betting terminals and POS) for betting companies.

The Betsys white label platform is sold as a start-up package that is a combination of both a turnkey and modular solution. Betsys takes care of running your website so that you can focus on your marketing strategy.

More specifically, the Betsys platform includes: risk management, CRM, pre-match and live bets, anti-fraud system, odds data, CMS, bonus management, payment management and more

With that said, our Betsys platform review will focus on the following:

Game management

Sports, betting and data products

Game management


Game management


Game management

Payment management

Game management


Game management

CRM & Marketing

Game management

Affiliate system

Game management

Front-end flexibility

Game management

Back-end reporting tools

Game management


Betsys Products

Betsys offers a number of products to their sportsbook clients. Some of the more notable products include:

  • Wide variety of sports and markets – Betsys covers 47 sports for pre-match betting, which can be manually managed or imported from external sources. If an operator chooses to have sports managed manually, it is possible to prepare a new sport, new market, new events and new criteria for settling, in a single Administration tool.
  • Live (in-play) betting – There are 20 sports supported and over 15,000 live matches each month available. Some of the live markets are unique, including snooker, and a variety of winter sports like ski jumping. Live streaming is also available.
  • Odds management – This is a fully-managed process that is fully-automated for creating sports, leagues, teams and regions from external sources of sports data like Betradar, Betgenius, etc. Attractive matches with an extensive range of odds allows you to offer players more thrills using Betsys range of live bets.
  • Odds data – You will get a unique range of Live Bets with a large number of unique sporting bets from rare leagues. You can integrate odds data feeds from leading suppliers like Betradar, LSports, and so on. That said, you can also opt for Betsys Live Source (BLS) service, which is a selection of odds, support bets and results as well as stats for top sports events, including over 4,000 football and 2,000 ice hockey matches from more than 75 countries. Data for BLS is processed by dozens of scouts and is continuously monitored and assessed during the course of matches so that odds are updated with minimum delay.

Virtual sports – There are more than 1,300 races every 10 minutes and commentary available in multiple languages. The virtual sports races provided are not digital and are real film recordings of horse races that are shown over short intervals.

Betsys Licensing and Localization

Betsys’ spots betting and casino products meet European standards and are compliant in different regulated markets, including the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and others. As such, regardless of whether you are in need of a license or you already have one, you shouldn’t have a problem entering the market you wish to target.

That being said, since Betsys is a betting software provider that offers a white label solution as well as consultation services, to learn more about licensing and what they can provide the specific operation you have in mind, get in touch with the friendly staff to get the best answers to your questions.

UK Gambling commission UK Gambling commission


Although its primary focus is Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Betsys betting platform can accommodate a number of local markets around the world. It supports different local markets by providing multiple language options for content, support, and virtual sports commentary, etc. It also supports multiple currency, different payment options, different odds formats and covers sports from a variety of global markets.

Examples of some of the markets where Betsys’ products can be found include:

Betsys Brands

Many of Betsys clients are located in CEE. With that said, some of their betting customers include:

Betsys Payments

Payment management is part of the Betsys betting platform. The company will provide software and services to allow players to securely transfer funds from a variety of different payment solutions.

There are over 15 different payment methods, such as eWallets, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, online deposits, and mobile payments among others.

Multiple currencies and popular local payment methods are also supported.

Betsys Support

Betsys provides their clients with support when they need it, before, during and after their products and services have been integrated and launched. You can get in touch with support through email and telephone and it is available in multiple languages, including Czech and English.

24/7 support services are also available for CRM and any other solutions that you have which are managed by Betsys.

In regard to support for your players, if this is something that you require, consult with Betsys customer service regarding your needs to find out what options are available to you and how they can help.

Betsys CRM & Marketing

Betsys delivers both a CRM system and marketing management tools. The CRM is taken care of by Betsys and the module allows for the inspection, evaluation and notification of player trends and behaviors.

The CRM model works with an extensive and detailed database, which is regularly updated. It monitors communications with players, creates messages for players and generates exports to additional communication channels. The customer categories can be used in the system to segment players and for various functions, such as risk-management, managing specific content, loyalty program, etc.

Some of the main advantages to the CRM module include:

  • Increasing conversion and monitoring the most successful marketing campaigns
  • Maintaining player loyalty
  • Increasing the size of bets
  • Connection of email tools to Silverpop
  • Possibility for third-party products to be connected

In addition to CRM, Betsys also offers marketing management. Through their system they are able to provide relevant recommendations, options, ideas, information analysis and research initiatives to help your staff determine the best course of marketing action for your operation.

There is also a designated bonus program, loyalty program, and special events to help increase retention and provide players with exciting promotions that are most likely to appeal to the betting experience they seek.

Betsys Affiliate System

An affiliate system is not provided by Betsys. That being said, an affiliate program can be implemented into the platform. If you are in need of an affiliate system, let the Betsys customer service specialist you talk to know so that you can learn about what options are available to you or if the affiliate program you like can be integrated.

Betsys Front End

Betsys can prepare you a website that is tailored to your needs. The front-end is an HTML5 response design that is optimized for high traffic, easy navigation and smooth operation. Since HTML5 technology is used, this means the site easily adapts to various browsers and screen sizes. Therefore, no matter the device a player uses – desktop, mobile, tablet – the size of the screen is optimally utilized. That said, a native iOS and Android app are also available.

Other features of the front-end include:

  • Intuitive and ergonomic design that emphasizes usability
  • Scalable performance with deployment in cash contents and a cluster
  • High security guaranteed by prestigious penetration tests (DCIT)
  • Multi-payment gateway
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Specific gaming functions, such as preparing e-tickets, player registration, marketing tables of popular sports, vouchers, newsletters, etc.

Betsys Back office

Betsys helps you to remain in full control of your betting operation with a simple and concise administration solution that helps with system management. The back office has been clearly laid out and features a variety of tools to make managing your business as smooth a process as possible.

Examples of some of the back-end features include:

  • One wallet
  • CMS and banner management
  • Reporting tools
  • CRM
  • Bonus management
  • Agent management
  • Anti-fraud system
  • Responsible gaming standards

Betsys Pricing & Time to Market

The cost of the different Betsys sportsbook solutions does vary depending on the types of services, products and features a client would like. However, in terms of their white label solutions, the following is a general idea of the type of costs associated with the setup fee for each in relation to sports betting:

  • Sports betting – €9,900 for the website and backend for placing bets online. Betsys revenue share: 9-14%
  • Gaming platform – €19,000 for the management of the Betsys platform (management of financial operations, game management, client management, CMS, CRM). Betsys revenue share: 5%
  • Virtual Sports – €9,900 for placing bets on virtual horse races. Betsys revenue share 10%

In addition to white label setup fees, if you’d like to purchase other services, such as Odds Feed Prematch, Odds Feed Live, Live Trackers and Statistics, each comes with its own cost and is a fee that is charged monthly.

Another benefit of Betsys is that it is very easy to request a demo. Not only that, but when you request a demo, you can be very detailed about the products that you’re seeking (e.g. gaming, sports betting, turnkey, white label, if you need a license, etc.) which helps to provide you with a demo that will most closely match the type of betting solution you desire.

As for how long it takes to launch, you can expect a quick time to market. For a precise timeframe, be sure to ask the company’s support.

Betsys Review Conclusion

The Betsys platform has the ability to suit the needs of both new and established bookmakers who want to deliver an online, mobile or retail product to players. Covering a variety of sports markets and products, including live sports and virtual sports as well as providing odds data service, you have everything you need to get started or to improve your existing brand.

Whether what you seek is a turnkey or white label solution, all your needs can be met by Betsys. In essence, if you’re keen to start a bookmaking business, particularly one in Europe with a CEE focus, this could be the perfect partner for you.

Get in touch with the Betsys team today to learn more about how they can bring your business goals to fruition!