BetLogik is a provider of online casino and betting software, specializing in white label platforms. Their innovative solution has been created by professionals with years of industry experience and is suitable for any work condition.

Among BetLogik’s different products include sportsbook software, online casino software and a street betting system, which is a portable POS (Point Of Sale) betting system that does not require a physical store.

Its cross-platform (optimized for any device) white label solution offers many benefits including integrated payments, reports and statistics, risk management, odds customization and more.

The BetLogik white label platform is available with or without a license and is reasonably priced, making it a logical choice for interested parties looking to start their very first betting business online, especially if their market is Africa.

BetLogik has been around since 2016 and is a privately held company. It has as many as 50 employees and its headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In this BetLogik review, Casinnovate will provide you with helpful information about this company, to make it easier for you to decide if this is the ideal partner for your betting business.

BetLogik Betting Solutions

The BetLogik platform for sportsbook betting is a cross-platform white label system designed to be compatible with all operating systems and mobile devices. It is a fully customizable fraud-proof system that is ready to use and equipped with dozens of markets and real-time quote.

Beyond sports betting, the company offers white label casino solutions, which includes third-party software and game integration (100+ slots and casino games providers and 10+ live casino game providers). It also offers a Street Betting solution that was designed with African countries in mind as it is a portable POS system that allows anyone to offer bets anywhere and at anytime without the need of a physical shop or electricity.

As our BetLogik platform review is focused on the company’s sports betting product, more specifically, the following is a look at what is possible with this solution.

Game management

Sports, betting and data products

Game management


Game management

Payment management

Game management


Game management

CRM & Marketing

Game management

Affiliate system

Game management

Front-end flexibility

Game management

Back-end reporting tools

Game management


BetLogik Products

Different products are included in the BetLogik betting platform to deliver a well-rounded and exciting user experience. Some of these include:

  • Tens of thousands of live events – There are 30,000+ live sports events each month, covering a wide range of markets.
  • Diverse range of sports – There are 40+ types of sports, including popular leagues and competitions around the world. Examples of sports types are: Football, tennis, American football, basketball, rugby, and more.
  • Custom-made odds – BetLogik offers high level odds management. Custom-made odds are possible for every market, including different odds for each player or shop.
  • Streaming TV – TV streaming is available for all sports, allowing players to follow bets in real time.
  • Agent System – The solution is equipped with an agent system that lets operators create an infinite network of agents and sub-agents.
  • Virtual sports – There are virtual sports games available, providing players with another betting thrill, ready to enjoy every minute. Examples of virtual sports games include football, horses, dogs, fighting chickens and more.

BetLogik Licensing and Localization

BetLogik is a betting software provider with a white label solution that is available with and without a license. Therefore, if you already have a license, you should be able to easily integrate their sports betting solutions.

If you require a license, this is something that you will need to mention to the BetLogik support team when you contact them about their white label product. Their support can provide you with more details in regard to licensing and regulatory markets.


BetLogik’s software is available in over 10 countries. It can accommodate a number of markets and has a presence in multiple continents, including Africa and Europe.

It supports multiple languages, various types of payments, covers a wide range of sports and supports different odds formats, to help create a localized experience for targeted markets.

BetLogik Payments

The BetLogik betting platform includes integrated payments. The types of payments that can be added are all available cryptocurrencies, such a Bitcoin.

In addition to crypto payments, other types of supported payments include mobile wallets, credit cards, vouchers and even cash payments.

Multiple currencies are also supported.

BetLogik Support

BetLogik is always happy to help its customers and provides reliable support when you need it. They can be reached by phone or email. Support is available in different languages.

In regard to support for players, you can enquire with the company’s staff about this service if it is something that you would like or need.

BetLogik CRM & Marketing

Reporting tools are part of the BetLogik sportsbook platform. With the help of these reports and statistics you can keep track of player details to help you get to know your players better.

There is also a Jackpot Betting feature that gives you the opportunity to offer players jackpots for sport, creating more incentive to play.

To find out precisely what types of CRM and marketing benefits BetLogik can provide with the help of third-party partners, for the specific operation you have mind, direct your questions to their support team.

BetLogik Affiliate System

BetLogik does not offer its own affiliate system. If you are curious about your affiliate program options, let the company’s support know of your interest. Joining an affiliate network or integrating the affiliate program of your choosing may also be an option.

BetLogik Front End

BetLogik’s white labels are adaptable, customizable and cross-platform, making them suitable for all operating systems and devices.

Whether its online or mobile, you can expect a modern and clean interface that delivers a seamless, smooth and easy-to-navigate user experience that takes only a few clicks to make a bet.

Third party app integrations are also possible, allowing for even more customization.

BetLogik Back office

The BetLogik back end includes easy-to-use features that enable you to keep track of your operations in real time. It also includes a high standard of risk management, allowing you to manage risks across various user groups.

Examples of some of the back office advantages include:

  • Risk management
  • Analytics
  • Real-time reports of games in progress, sports, virtual, players and more.

BetLogik Pricing & Time to Market

You can expect competitive pricing and a fast launch time with BetLogik. Reasonable start-up costs and a fast launch time can be very beneficial for those jumpstarting their first business and who do not have a lot of initial capital to begin with.

To get an official price quote and an estimated time to market prediction that is based on the solution that interests you in relation to your country operation and business plans, contact BetLogik direction.

BetLogik Review Conclusion

BetLogik can be ideal partner for those who are new to the industry and are keen to start their first betting business. It may also be of value to existing operators who may be interested in adding a betting product to their brand or creating a second operation, or those keen to expand to the African market.

However, if what you desire are highly customizable turnkey features or individual services that can help you build your online sportsbook from the ground up, BetLogik is likely not the most sensible choice, as it excels at providing a complete and ready-to-use system.

Ultimately, BetLogik offers a solid and trusted sports betting white label solution that is quick to launch, competitively priced, and worth investigating if a white label is at the top of your business goals list.

Ready to get started? Connect with the friendly BetLogik team now!